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Huggy Award 2003 Winner
   Tiger Tyger, 2003 Huggy Award Winner -
   Other Fantasy/Science Fiction: Best Writer

Debuted May 2007
Talisman 2The Talisman
Part Two: Warrior of Truth

By Tiger Tyger
Photo Cover
100 pages, slash
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Talisman 2: Warrior of Truth is a continuation of the Talisman series which began with Warrior of Light. In this installment of the series, Qui-Gon Jinn must face many challenges, beginning with rescuing his master from his wreckage on a force-null planet, endure his Trial, and learn much during his early years as a Knight. Along the way, he maintains his friendships with Yoda, Master Soningar Yu, Master Healer Tess, and his best friend, Her'an Storn. He also must come to terms with his own issues with love, his feelings about the loss of Rix, his troubled friendship with Mace Windu, as well as his sexuality.

     Aware that they could possibly die here, he lay back against the small bed and composed their limbs, using what little Force-energy he could find and locking it into a small shield around them. Slightly warmer, Qui-Gon closed his eyes and thrust his own body energy into his Master, urging him to live, to survive.
     . . . He had no regrets, and was surprised that he held within his heart no sense of fear at becoming one with the Living Force. He knew that others would mourn him and for that he felt an echo of their grief for a moment, before sinking deeper into a meditative state where the pain of freezing fingers and toes was diminished.
     His last thought was that Yoda would live.
     That was all that mattered.

TalismanThe Talisman
Part One: Warrior of Light

By Tiger Tyger
Cover and interior art by TACS
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Orphaned by assassins sent to destroy the "Chosen One," a young boy named Jinn finds himself alone among powerful strangers. Though born with a strong affinity for the Living Force, Jinn quickly learns that potential is not enough to protect him from dangers both within and without the Coruscant temple.

Experience side-by-side with Jinn exactly what it takes to be trained as a Jedi. Reminiscent of the Hugo and Nebula winning novel Ender's Game, The Talisman stands alone as a powerful and sensitive tale of adventure, angst, and ultimate success.

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