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Star Trek: The Original Series
slash zines

Debuted May 2010

Dangerous TerritoryDangerous Territory:
A Fields of Evermore Slash Novel [Volume Two]
by Tiger Tyger
56,262 words
Cover by Lorraine
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How could it be possible for Kirk, Spock, and McCoy to find any trouble during their Earth-based assignments? After all, Jim is only a lowly admiral working under the irascible leadership of Steven Stearns in Fleet Operations; Spock acts as a new teacher for Science and Technology at Star Fleet Academy; and Bones is a new administrator at Medical Operations. More importantly, the three men are working their way around new relationships, adapting to different professional positions, new demands . . . as well as spiritual visitations, aggressive colleagues, jealousy, academic politics, and sudden violence. Come along and watch the next stage in the development of the legends of Star Trek: The Original Series!


The man’s sharp green eyes looked him over, but there was no sense of friendship there. Kirk was struck silent and fell nearly senseless into his own chair, legs numb, his tongue stuck to the roof of his mouth, unable to speak. There was that same sense of obdurate power he had felt at the Stearns’ home, and he shivered, apprehensive.

“Do not fear, Admiral Kirk. I and my kind mean you no harm. We act only as messengers,” Nolan’s voice told him in stiff, formal Standard. It continued in a prophetic tone, “The threat comes. Your future arrives. Danger will rise up around you and obliterate all peace in this galaxy. Your world will be buffeted and torn after Star Fleet is destroyed, the Federation dismembered, if you do not stand fast. Remember who you are.”

He struggled to resist the pressure against him, making it impossible to move or call out for help. “I know you,” he managed to say between clenched teeth, sweat popping out on his forehead as he fought, his body straining against the invisible bonds that held it. “I’ve felt this—“

“Indeed. Our peoples have met previously, but I was not in this physical body.” The green eyes held an oddly translucent shimmer, as if the being itself were too bright to look on. “You must prepare,” it told him solemnly. “We will be powerless in the conflagration to come.”

“How?” he blurted, but between one blink of his eyelashes and the next, the being who had masqueraded as both Mrs. Stearns and Nolan was gone.

That wasn’t any damned ghost, he told himself as he worked to get his alarm under control and make his hands stop shaking.

Debuted at MediaWest*Con, May 2009

Common Ground front coverCommon Ground
A ST:TOS Slash Novel
by Award-Winning Writer Tiger Tyger
First Novel in the Fields of Evermore Trilogy
133 pages / 62,000 words
Full-color Front AND Back Covers
by Award-Winning Fan Artist Lorraine
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An unconsummated bond, a self-sacrificing Vulcan first officer, and an all-action captain combine for a thrilling romantic adventure. Fraught with danger from within and without, Kirk and Spock navigate the ebb and flow of a new bond, the end of Enterprise's five-year mission, and the new life they hope to forge together as they grope for common ground.


Jim's towel hung neatly, next to his own. It was still damp, and Spock grasped it. His fingers trembled as he pressed it against his face and inhaled deeply. Shamed by his behavior but unable to stop, he pressed it against his chest, as though he were holding the man himself. Face contorted in agony, he caught his reflection in the mirror and it staggered him.

Though Seyjan and McCoy had been dogging his heels with the ruthless efficiency of their kind, pressing hyposprays and food into him with determined regularity, they had been unable to stop the ravages of an uncompleted bond from showing on his features. He appeared haggard, deeper lines showing on his face than normal, a dull expression to his gaze that spoke of the turmoil within. He was pale, and he'd lost weight. His hands trembled constantly now, and he couldn't keep any nutrition down. Even fluids were untenable at this point. Spock realized with very little feeling that he could die before they reached Vulcan, now only sixty hours away.

Common Ground back cover He turned away. There was nothing that could be done. That he had followed his human heart in this instance was immaterial; logic would have driven him relentlessly down the same path. Bathing quickly, he defiantly used Jim's towel, scrubbing it roughly across his body as he wished the human's hands to do....

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