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Starsky & Hutch
slash zines

Barely LegalBarely Legal
Cover from an original oil painting by Lorraine
168 pages (approximately 90,600 words)
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Barely Legal, the Starsky & Hutch slash zine from Light & Shadow Press, is available now for mail order. The cover is from a lovely original oil painting by Lorraine, created just for our zine.

The stories are as follows:

Listen to the Silence by Cyanne
A new-to-Light & Shadow writer presents a tale both bitter and very sweet

Talkin' Dirty Movies by Glow
The latest hot installment in the Talkin' Dirty Universe

Clothes Make the Man by Chimera
The boys go undercover as gay men in the leather underworld

Canario by Kath Moonshine
Re-edited and newly expanded by 3,400+ words, this prequel to "Return of the Killer Tomato" was originally published in 1997's Cross the Line

Return of the Killer Tomato by Kath Moonshine
The all-new long-awaited sequel to Canario

Planes, Trains, & Torinos by Tiger Tyger
A sequel to the award-winning novella I Remember L.A., this story contains an excerpt from the original story to bring those readers unfamiliar with the original up to speed

A Bottle of Beer, a Can of Shaving Cream, and Thee by Kath Moonshine
Re-edited and expanded by 1,500+ words, this story was originally published in 2002 in the limited-release multi-media fanzine Bound and Determined

Bay City Five-0 by Emrys
Still crazy after all these years, our heroes deal with the BIG Five-0

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