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Stargate SG-1 slash zines

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Huggy Award 2003 WinnerHuggy Award 2005 Winner

Tiger Tyger, 2003 Huggy Award Winner - Stargate SG-1: Best Writer
Tiger Tyger, 2005 Huggy Award Winner - Stargate SG-1: Best Writer

  Debuted at MediaWest*Con, May 2009

DHD-6.5: Good Soldier
A Jack/Daniel Slash Novella
by Kath Moonshine
Full-color Cover by Suzan
133 pages / 82,000 words
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Literally working their way through both fire and ice, Jack and Daniel have finally played their cards right and they are firmly together in this established-relationship story set in the fourth installment of the Closed Poker Universe. But happily-ever-afters are not the norm for guys who leap into wormholes to fight intergalactic space-snakes, as we see when Jack, Daniel, and the rest of SG-1 travel to Nirvana, a planet that belies its tranquil name when it presents Jack with a difficult and complex sexual situation. Will Jack lose Daniel to the call of the Sacred Chamber—or even worse, to someone younger and a hell of a lot easier to get along with?


     "I've read your report carefully, Doctor Jackson," General Hammond says, obviously uncomfortable. "Let me see if I have this right: You think SG-1 should go to the planet and engage in some sort of sexual ritual in exchange for intel. Have I got that right?" He should have it right; George has sat on Danny's report for the last two days.
     "Perhaps, General," Daniel answers, his voice full of caution. "Perhaps some of us will have to participate in a Nirvanan religious service in order to gain entry to the sacred chamber. Being strangers, though, we might be able to avoid the ritual."
     "We don't have that kind of luck," I grumble aloud, shifting in my seat as if on a hill of fire ants.
     "The answers aren't here," Daniel says, equal measures of apology and defense in his posture.
     "They're on Nirvana. I don't think that I'll be asked to do anything more physically dangerous than to...copulate...with a representative of the dominant religion. I'm willing to do what it takes to get a look at this sacred chamber the Tok'ra are so interested in."
     There's a damned good reason why the Air Force has non-fraternization rules, I sourly think to myself. It's to keep jealous, paranoid assholes like myself from fucking up a perfectly good mission.


Photo Cover by Gryphon
136 pages, J/D slash

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• Doctor and Colonel Smith by Glow

     "How has your week gone?" Warren asked to begin the session.
     The smartass in Jack was dying to say something like "Well, we didn't nearly annihilate any entire populations this week, so it had to be better than last," but of course, he couldn't. Sometimes, he wondered, though, what Warren would think if he knew what they did. Would it make therapizing them any easier? They were probably tough enough as it was. He didn't envy Warren.
     "It was all right," Danny answered.
     "Did you have a chance to discuss any of what we talked about last week?"
     "Danny doesn't think we're supposed to talk about therapy outside of therapy." Jack had actually meant that to come across as funny. He wasn't prepared for how pissed off Daniel got.
     "Oh, here we go again. What are you, tattling now? Maybe you could try understanding what I'm saying to you instead of harping on it like a broken record."
     "Are you feeling like Jack doesn't make enough effort to understand you?"
     "Jack understands what he wants to understand."
     "What the hell does that mean?" O'Neill protested. Hell, they weren't in the office five minutes and already they were at it. Wasn't this therapy thing supposed to be helping them?
     "Active listening is hard, especially with people we spend a lot of time around," Warren was stating calmly. "Sometimes we react to what we think we heard rather than what someone has said to us."
     "I listen," Jack defended.
     "You hear, you don't always listen." Daniel was using his linguist tone, trying to make Jack look like a dolt.
     "Maybe because you use a lot of words to not really say any damn thing at all."
After maintaining a sensual yet stormy relationship for three years, Jack and Daniel suddenly find themselves in the running for most complicated patients in couples' therapy. What brought them there? Glow does a remarkable job of teasing out the mitigating factors while reminding us why these two disparate men wound up together in the first place. The necessity of hiding their SGC identities while at the same time trying to learn to communicate honestly makes therapy a complex endeavor indeed. This story is witty, emotional, cathartic and sensual at the same time. You'll want to have a seat on the couch right alongside them as Jack and Daniel explore their innermost selves.

• Control Issues by Emrys

     The brighter lighting in the observation room showed him his reflection in the glass. He looked pale. Ignoring his own image, he stared down at the gate, the circle that had become the center of his universe. It had given him friends and a place in this world. Yet, the cold metal ring could take it all back in an instant.
     Lost in thought, he started when the door behind him opened. Trying to hide his annoyance at the interruption, he glanced sideways in the glass to see who had entered. He identified Jack in the makeshift mirror, wearing dress blues, come to pay his own respects to the dead. The colonel would be leaving after the silent memorial to inform Radcliffe's family of his death.
     Pausing in the doorway, O'Neill then began moving slowly towards him. With Daniel turned away from him, the colonel's expression became unguarded, clearly believing he was safe from scrutiny. Daniel pretended to be looking down into the gate room, but instead he was studying Jack's face, finding something there he'd never seen before. His breath froze in his lungs as the mirrored surface provided him a glimpse of raw, unfiltered O'Neill.
     Jack wanted him.
An off-world mission ends tragically, taking the lives of too many SG-7 members. Afterwards, Daniel must come to terms with crushing guilt, his grief, and worse, his relief that none of the dead were members of SG-1. At the same time, he has to deal with his desire for Jack O'Neill, a passion he is certain is not reciprocated. And then, during the immediate pain and anguish of the mission gone wrong, Jack's inability to hide his own feelings changes the playing field. Emrys writes an interesting and involved story of pain, desperation, and redemption.

• No Greater Sorrow by Glow and Tiger Tyger

     "This is real, O'Neill. You have been missing for three days and your team contacted me to aid in their search for you. Ba'al's ship has just entered hyperspace. The time you believe has passed, has not."
     Jack was too horrified to say anything. He remained on the deck for a long time, ignoring Thor's entreaties to rise and to eat, his comfortable, happy dream slipping through his fingers like sand on the planet below. His heart sank so low he didn't want to hear anything, didn't want to know anything else.
     It had been a lie.
     It had all been a lie.
     It had all been a fucking lie.
     That was all his mind could think, could understand.
     He wept quietly, letting the tears flow.
     And finally, when he tried to stand, the grief . . . the feeling that his Daniel had died, bore him straight into unconsciousness.
Jack is taken captive by an old Goa'uld nemesis who wants to gather the remains of the information that the Ancients left inside his mind. Under the control of an insidious device, O'Neill believes he is living the life he has always wanted, with the person he most desires by his side. When he is brought back to reality, he is furious, hurt, and decidedly confused. Years in the other world had taken place, while only a few days have passed on Earth. Jack must come to terms with what has happened, and learn to relate to Daniel all over again. But how do you go back to reality when you can't shake the dream? And what will happen if Daniel ever finds out the truth? This collaboration between Glow and Tiger Tyger has brought out the best in both authors, and the story is beautifully crafted as well as having a deep, driving emotional culmination that will satisfy all readers.


  Debuted at EclectiCon, November 2005

DHD-5.5 DHD-5.5
Photo Cover by Gryphon
102 pages, J/D slash

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DHD-5.5 contains a mix of stories previously published in multi-media zines and some never-before-published stories, all of which were written by the award-winning members of the DHD writing team that you know and love. If you're a Jack/Daniel fan who missed reading the multi-media zines La Chair and Bound & Determined, or if you're a completist who just has to have everything, then DHD-5.5 is for you!

• Chasing the Stars by Emrys
• In Command by Tiger Tyger
• Those Damned Leather Gloves by Emrys
• Saved by Those Damned Leather Gloves by Emrys & Glow
   2006 Fan Q Winner - Stargate SG-1: Slash Story
• Kum-quat by Tiger Tyger

Please e-mail or for further information.


Debuted at ConneXions, April 2005

Photo Cover by Gryphon
269 pages, J/D slash

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• Not Your Typical Vacation by Tiger Tyger

     They needed a vacation!
     A real, honest-to-god vacation, away from home, away from the mountain, and away from any kind of work they could find—a place to relax and just enjoy some time together.
     After that brainstorm, Jack realized even the coffee wasn't helping much in keeping him awake, either. He yawned, and then again. His body was demanding rest, but before he capitulated, he wanted his plans made. Gazing out the window at the fresh batch of fallen snow, he decided he wanted someplace warm. He downloaded a web site for Palm Springs. Nearly nodding off over the keyboard more than once, he finally just picked a place that looked good, making reservations quickly by email. It took a while; he kept dozing between keystrokes. He finally hit 'send', feeling quite accomplished.
     With that done, he shuffled back to bed and a warm Daniel.
With a stern recommendation from Doctor Fraiser, General Hammond enforces a six week leave for the beleaguered SG-1 team. Jack and Daniel put the time off to good use, embarking upon a steamy trip to Palm Springs. Ensconced in their own private villa, the lovers get reacquainted in an intimate manner their busy lives and demanding careers rarely leave time for. Tiger Tyger has penned a spicy, blistering story that's also humorous and loving. So mark a date in your Day Planner and spend some time with the carnal colonel and his amorous archeologist.

• Choice Under Fire by Emrys

     "Jack, shouldn't the Goa'uld sensors be able to locate this place?"
     "Why? We didn't. All the UAV picked up were ruins and the unusual metallurgic readings. Nothing like this showed up on any of our scans. And what do you want to bet that if a Goa'uld walked up to that portal, nothing would happen?"
     "You think it would kill them like Thor's Hammer?" Daniel asked. "Or that they're locked out and just can't get through?"
     "Something like that, but somehow those kids are the key to getting through. When I touched it from this side, it was solid."
     "Same on the other side, until he took my hand. Which means the Goa'uld can't see it because it's not there. It's not simply an illusion. I wonder if there are more entrances?"
     "We'll have to check it out." Looking around both in front of and behind them at the never-ending cavern, he quipped, "Damn, if I'd known we were hiking to the other end of the world, I'd've brought some snacks."
Cut off from the rest of the team, stranded on an unknown planet whose DHD has been damaged in a firefight, Jack and Daniel are forced to rely upon a group of orphaned alien children for survival. While unraveling the mysteries of the Raayoaf civilization, O'Neill and Jackson must also confront the dangers of their new environment. Daniel struggles to hold things together after his lover succumbs to a debilitating poison, fighting to protect the children and his colonel from the Goa'uld threat, something that becomes all the more difficult when O'Neill's fever leaves him in an altered—and dangerous—state. Emrys has crafted a taut, gripping adventure that you won't want to miss.

Huggy Award 2005 Winner

• Why I'll Never Make the Cover of Road Dork Monthly by Glow
2005 Huggy Award Winner - Stargate SG-1: Best Novel

     "Do you want to bet?"
     If O'Neill had had a lick of sense, he wouldn't have bitten. Between the heat of the water and how fucking, drop-dead sexy Daniel looked glistening in it, his load was already pulsing in his balls, looking to escape. But he had no intention of backing down from a dare, particularly when Daniel was looking so smug. Eyes narrowing, he asked, "What stakes did you have in mind?"
     The question appeared to stump the scientist for several moments, but judging by the wrinkled brow, his brain gears were certainly turning. Finally, the lightbulb-look infused his face. "Okay, I got it. If I win, you let me drive us back home."
     O'Neill hesitated. He hated being the passenger on long car trips. The thought of being stuck for hours with Daniel tootling along slow enough to drive Miss Daisy was enough to make him want to rip his hair out. Hedging, he countered, "What do I get if I win?"
     "Then you get to drive."
     "But I'm already getting to drive."
     "Oh. That's right." The thinking cap went back on, the concentrated look on the scientist's face inspiring Jack to start mentally humming the Jeopardy tune. Realizing he didn't want Jackson to come up with anything that would legitimize this ridiculous idea, he cut off the humming mid-verse and put his brain to better use. Distraction might work. He took hold of the shaft that was brushing against his leg and started thumbing the slit. Danny jumped back, scolding, "Hey, no fair. Not until we set terms."
     "Are we making love or signing a corporate merger, for Christ's sake, Daniel?"
     "I've got it." Danny slapped the water excitedly, splashing it in Jack's face. "If you win, I won't complain or sulk or mock or criticize your driving in any way the whole trip."
     "No hood? No Road Dork comments? No whining about peeing?"
     "Not a word."
     Now that was a tempting offer. Still, he had a lot to lose.
     What lose? What kind of defeatist talk is that? Jack O'Neill doesn't lose.
     "Come on, Jack. What are you, chicken?" Danny continued, playfully splashing water at him.
     That little voice inside him...the one that tried to guide him toward sensible decisions and keep him from going off half-cocked—the one he rarely heeded—was yammering a dozen warnings, but it was quickly drowned out by the throb of his competitive juices pumping through his veins.
     "Okay, you're on."
A cocky wager in the midst of a lusty lovemaking session has deeper repercussions than O'Neill could imagine. It is said that "road trips make memories"—which is certainly the case for Jack and Daniel. Seven months after the weighty issues the lovers faced in the prequel Boxstep, O'Neill and Jackson come to realize they've only touched the tip of their emotional surface. A return trip to Aspen becomes more than the intended passionate rendezvous they expected. This is a journey not only of miles, but of hearts and minds. Through humor, reflection, honesty, and revealing communication, Jack and Daniel manage to traverse some of the unexplored terrain each harbors within—all the while enjoying a helluva fun romp through Colorado.

• Fire and Ice by Kath Moonshine

     Normally, I'm not the kind of guy to wear my heart on my sleeve—or anywhere else, for that matter. But somehow I'd managed to let Danny in...first into my life and then into that stony thing that beats in my chest. Now I wanted him in my bed, not just for a quickie. How did I know that? Well, I've had the one-night stand with Daniel. It wasn't enough. Instead of curing my hunger, our loving had been an appetizer. But before we even touched each other, my archeologist had laid down his rules: one night. "Tonight...this is all it can be." I agreed, hoping the lie wouldn't turn my tongue to fire.
     I look back on that night nearly a year ago and I'm torn. On the one hand, despite a broken leg and banged-up ribs, it was still the best sex of my life—and I've been around the block more than a few times. It was—Christ! I'm no poet—it was just so damned good. No matter how bad I felt physically, what we shared felt right inside. I hadn't felt right in years. I'd grown used to that empty feeling in my chest, the one I used to fill with booze once Charlie died. And when I gave that up as a lost cause, reaching a point of limiting myself to two beers a night, I found I could fill that hole with work, at least temporarily. Without even realizing I'd been looking, I'd found what could permanently fill that hole—and it was, amazingly, a man named Daniel Jackson: Archeologist, geek, and teammate....
     ...Okay. Maybe the reason I couldn't sleep had more to do with mental constipation than guilt-fueled insomnia. And what did I have jammed up in the thing that passes for my brain? Sha're. And why was Daniel's wife haunting my thoughts?
     Because a part of me was glad Sha're was finally gone.
The third story in the compelling Closed Poker universe takes place after the events of the episode Forever In a Day. As Daniel mourns the loss of his wife, O'Neill laments the impending demise of the relationship that's saved both his sanity and his soul. Despite the love they both hold in their hearts, the barriers between them appear insurmountable. Can O'Neill and Jackson work through their personal demons and acknowledge the potent bond between them before a life-threatening danger separates them for good? Kath Moonshine once again exhibits her mastery of the writing craft along with a deft understanding of the inner workings of these characters through her poignant first-person narratives. You'll not only read about Jack and Daniel—you'll live every painstaking moment alongside them. This is a story to be felt and experienced; a moving, human tale of the tragedy and triumph of love—one that will linger within you long after you've closed the zine.


Debuted at MediaWest Convention, May 2004

2005 Huggy Award Winner -
Stargate SG-1: Best Anthology

2004 SIZZLER Award Winner -
Best Zine, Stargate SG-1

2005 SCREWZ Award Winner -
Stargate SG-1: Best Zine

Photo Cover by Gryphon
190 pages
J/D Slash

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Huggy Award 2005 WinnerSizzler Award 2004 Winner
SCREWZ Award Winner 2005

• Break a Leg by Kath Moonshine
2005 Huggy Award Winner - Stargate SG-1: Best Zine Story
2004 SIZZLER Award Winner - Best Story, Stargate SG-1
2005 SCREWZ Award Winner - Stargate SG-1: Best Story

     "Daniel's an orphan," Sam murmured. "He doesn't have any family to go home to."
     I felt like I'd been kicked in the nuts. So much for boosting team morale.
     "We will find him," said Teal'c. "Perhaps he would like to accompany me."
     "I'm sure he'd be welcome at my brother's place," added Sam, already looking over her shoulder at the doorway.
     Or better yet, I thought, he could stay with me. But I ruthlessly squashed that thought for the Very Bad Idea it was...the last thing I needed was to have a Daniel slumber party at my place. Not when I already thought about him more than is healthy. But I could wish, even though I knew that some wishes shouldn't be granted.
     Teal'c and Sam departed, like bloodhounds on the trail. I could almost feel sorry for Daniel. They would find him and cheer him up and the next thing you knew the guy would be packing his bags for a week with Teal'c and a week in California. And who would I be stuck visiting with? Rosie Palmer and her five sisters.
     Just what I wanted.
     Ho-ho-ho. Merry-fucking-Christmas.
Recouping from the injuries he sustained during the "Solitudes" episode, Jack O'Neill is hurting, grumpy and in no mood for a forced furlough on Christmas Eve. To make matters worse, the lone volunteer for the position of caretaker to the cantankerous colonel is a certain sexy archeologist whose close proximity may well land Jack on Santa's 'Naughty' list. The emotions of the holiday combined with the intimate confines of a shared living space give Jack plenty to fret about in this second story in the "Closed Poker" universe. Once again, Kath Moonshine delineates O'Neill's struggle with his tortured heart and less than professional attraction to Daniel. This story is wittily told in both Jack and Daniel's own words, riveting the reader from the first paragraph to the final 'click' of the colonel's recording device. Humor, passion and heart-tugging emotion abound in this well crafted tale that you won't want to miss.

• Chicago Interlude by Emrys

     Leading the way to the elevators, he ignored the lone clerk behind the counter who they'd startled with their entrance. Punching the up button, he felt Jack's body move closer, practically pressing into his back. He shuddered, anticipation firing his blood while several eons passed before the elevator arrived with a ding that resounded across the empty lobby.
     They stood on opposite sides of the car on the way up. Daniel knew it was the only way he would be able to keep his hands to himself and he had personal knowledge of the difficulty Jack had with the concept. The doors opened with another ding, breaking in on his musings. He grinned when O'Neill's head tilt indicated he should exit first. Someone wanted a look at his ass below the leather bomber jacket he'd worn just so that someone could ogle his rear. Grinning, he led the way to their room with a little extra wiggle in his walk, making sure his efforts to retrieve the key from his pocket pulled his jeans a bit tighter over his butt.
A blizzard strands Jack and Daniel in an airport hotel and the snow-bound lovers make the best of it. In this sizzling tale by Emrys, O'Neill and Jackson reunite after a prolonged separation in a manner that could surely melt a glacier, let alone the mounds of snow that surround their winter wonderland. So put down your hot chocolate, rip off your sweater and crack a window. The iciest artic breeze won't be able to chill your bones as you delve into this steamy story. Be careful your glasses don't fog up while you're reading.

SCREWZ Award Winner 2005

• A Familiar Madness by Tiger Tyger
2005 SCREWZ Award Winner - Stargate SG-1: Best Novella

     "Isn't there a saying on Earth...'I would rather be miserable with you, than without you?'"
     "Wouldn't you be happier with DanielJackson than alone? No matter where he is?"
     The colonel didn't respond right away. He felt that he and Daniel had been fairly circumspect about their relationship, but Teal'c rarely missed anything, especially if that anything affected his adopted family. "Um..." he hedged, buying time until he really knew how to respond. In 2020 maybe.
     Teal'c ignored that. "You miss DanielJackson," he said carefully, as if Jack were slow. "I do not understand why you allowed him to go to this 'windy city' alone. He has repeatedly said that these people were unkind to him and yet you allowed him to attend without protection. I did not understand his reaction; he would not even allow me to accompany him, to 'watch his sex'."
     Jack nearly rear-ended the poor slob in front of him, but slammed on the brakes just in time. "His six, Teal'c, his six. His something completely different." All the same, the Jaffa sounded offended by Daniel's refusal.
     The Jaffa merely nodded again, appearing utterly serene, but concerned at the same time — an expression only Teal'c could manage to get away with. "He should not have gone without protection, O'Neill," he said again, his voice lower and more forceful, apparently determined that he be heard. "And you are not happy without him."
     Jack didn't outwardly react with anything other than a halfhearted shrug. What the hell can I say to that? He's absolutely right.
Jack has legitimate concerns for Daniel when his partner decides to attend an archeology seminar populated by the very people who in the past disparaged his work and made him a laughing stock in the academic community. While Daniel grapples to reconcile his past with his present identity, O'Neill grows increasingly frustrated by their separation and his worry for his lover. What will the colonel do? Jack proves himself a man of action in this sexy, loving story from the prolific fingers of award-winning author Tiger Tyger. This story reflects her trademark prowess at characterization, plot and passion. So get your ticket to the archeology seminar now so you don't miss a single moment.

• Box Step by Glow

      "Sure I'm okay, why wouldn't I be?" Jack's shrug was typical O'Neill, nothing given away on his schooled face.
     Getting up, Daniel moved behind him. "Oh, I don't know. I guess because you heard from your ex-wife for the first time in what...two years? Three? You find out she's getting remarried. You're invited to the wedding." His tone was compassionate, not mocking. He slipped his arms beneath Jack's, raising them up to flatten his palms against his partner's chest as he spooned his own chest to Jack's back. "It's got to bring up a few things; things you don't like to think about."
     "You got that right," O'Neill admitted, covering Daniel's hands with his own. Encouraged by the acceptance of contact, the scientist pressed on.
     "Want to talk about it?"
     "Not particularly."
     The response wasn't wholly unexpected and Daniel let it ride. Jack was still clinging to him, so he was sure he was providing some comfort even if O'Neill wasn't ready to open up about this stuff.
     "You going?"
     "To the wedding?" Jack asked.
     "No, to the moon," he teased.
     "No Stargate on the moon," was the sassy reply.
     "True enough. So I'll settle for the wedding. You going?"
     "You think I should?"
     Now that was unexpected. It wasn't often that O'Neill requested guidance. Nuzzling his lips to Jack's neck and planting a tender kiss there, he responded, "Yeah, I think you should." How much that would count for, he didn't know, but he really did think this was something Jack needed to do.
     Twisting free of his hold, Jack turned in his arms, repositioning his hands on Daniel's shoulders to maintain the contact once he was facing him. "Then go with me."
Daniel finds himself in the last place he ever expected to be...attending Sara's wedding with Jack. The pending nuptials send the emotionally repressed colonel into a tailspin, but it's the turmoil in their own budding relationship that Daniel's not sure he can manage. Jackson's forced to confront both his own commitment issues and his role in the co-dependent dance he's been sharing with his partner. This story is both a painful, poignant look at the delicate balance needed to maintain a strong relationship and a touching, romantic affirmation of the strength of love and loyalty.


Debuted at MediaWest Convention, May 2003

2003 SIZZLER Award Winner -
Best Zine, Stargate SG-1

Photo Cover by Gryphon
2003 SIZZLER Award Winner -
Best Art, Stargate SG-1

144 pages, 67,000 words
J/D Slash
Click here for ordering information

Sizzler Award 2003 Winner

• Incommunicado by Emrys
   (Sequel to "Valley of the Shadows" in DHD-1)

     O'Neill finally turned his head and stared at him, the almost blank features chilling him. He knew that Jack was saying goodbye in the only way left to him. The need to reach out and touch, to have one last moment of physical contact was frozen by the longing and denial barely discernible in those deep brown eyes that both begged for and rejected his overture. Their pact to never reveal any evidence of their relationship or caring while on base was biting them both in the ass.
     Despair so great it almost dropped him to his knees descended on him when Jack faced forward once more and quickly disappeared through the event horizon.
     The inner plea fled out to any being who would listen, but Daniel held little hope that he would ever see his lover again.
     This hurt went deeper than the loss of his parents, his career, or even Sha're. He'd lost so much in his life, he wasn't sure he could survive this final one.
     The gate whooshed and was gone, leaving an empty circle of metal much like the yawning hold in his chest.
Emrys picks up her tale during the episode "Fifth Race". Jack has been deteriorating quickly since the knowledge of the Ancients was downloaded into his brain. In order to save his life, he must step through a wormhole into a new dimension, one the SGC won't be able to track him to — one he may well not be able to return from. While Daniel stands vigil during the seemingly endless time Jack is gone, he both distracts and comforts himself with memories of their relationship and the hurdles they have faced so far. Will these recollections be enough to help Daniel cope with the very real prospect of being separated from his lover forever? Emrys weaves a story of deft emotional twists and turns, viewing Daniel's current pain through a lens that provides a broader picture of the intricacies and sacrifices that are the foundation of their relationship. The result is a story rife with emotion, longing, reflection and scalding passion.

Sizzler Award 2003 Winner

• Quid Pro Quo, Urgo by Kath Moonshine
   2003 SIZZLER Award Winner - Best Short Story, Stargate SG-1

     "Great coffee," I agreed with my lover of five months. Danny wasn't exaggerating in the least bit. "It was tasty... fabulous... delicious... yummy."
     "Teal'c's not here and I don’t need a lesson in synonyms," Daniel answered, casting one of his 'get-with-the-program' looks in my direction. "What I need is something to eat."
     Danny's pink tongue put in a quick appearance, giving that firm, luscious top lip a swipe before disappearing. "Luscious,' I said aloud, speaking for my cock, which had started to twitch and dance in my pants. Another one of those looks was shot my way.
     "I'm serious," he said. "Let's go to the cafeteria."
     "I got a better idea," I said, laying a guiding hand on Danny's shoulder, all the better to steer him in the direction of my choosing. "I've got something in my quarters you can eat." Daniel may be a geeky nerd brain — a too handsome and too brave for his own good geeky nerd brain — but he didn't exactly fall off the turnip truck yesterday, either. He'd been hanging out with me too long not to pick up on the underlying signals I was sending out.
     "I'd come to your room for a...snack," Danny said carefully, his hands communicating as much, if not more, than his voice. "But what about your work...aren't you drafting some policy for the general?" He’d never make it in black ops school, but Danny was finally learning how to obliquely ask a question — a very good skill to have when you work in a super-secret military base that's wired for light and sound and have a lover who's a card-carrying member of a don't-ask-don't-tell organization.
     "Well, I'm revisiting that policy,' I answered casually, never breaking my step or losing my hold on Daniel's shoulder. "While I look it over, we can eat."
     "If you're sure...." I could hear equal parts trepidation and desire in his voice.
     "I'm sure."
This delightful story takes place during the episode "Urgo" and poses the question: since all their other physical sensations and urges have been enhanced by Urgo’s implanted chip, what effect would it have on the libido of a horny colonel and his equally lusty linguist lover? Kath Moonshine answers this question with equal parts humor and heat that will keep readers squirming in their chairs through every scintillating page.

Sizzler Award 2003 Winner

• Mourning Song by Glow
   2003 SIZZLER Award Co-winner - Best Story, Stargate SG-1

     On the too-green grass that represented Charlie's 'space' in the row, there was only a small smattering of daisies. Sara would have left those this morning. By mutual agreement, they always made these forays separately. It probably shouldn't have had to be like that, but then a lot of things probably shouldn't be as they were.
     Sara wasn't much for elaborate garnishing of their son's grave either, though she always made a point to leave something. O'Neill, as always, had brought nothing with him, unable to ever think of anything appropriate or even desirable. He didn't much like thinking of Charlie as here in this place anyway, which was why his visits were so rare. But on certain days, like today, he had to come.
     Now that he was here, though, he didn't know what to do. He never did. He couldn't bring himself to talk to a headstone. He found it hard to conjure images of Charlie's face when he was in this place, like some rebellion on his mind's part, some refusal to accept his son's presence here. He wasn't much for prayers. He certainly wouldn't do any meditating. Mostly, he just stood here and stared until he felt he had lingered long enough, then he would leave.
     The footsteps coming up behind him startled him for a moment. He had completely forgotten finally giving in to Daniel's persistent requests to join him here today. Why exactly had he agreed again?
     "Hey, Jack," Daniel greeted softly as he got closer. The archeologist had apparently had no trouble following Jack's sketchy directions, since he'd left later and still managed to arrive here so soon after O'Neill.
Glow has contributed a remarkable story which deals with the concepts of personal loss and suppressed grief. On what would have been Charlie O'Neill's birthday, Daniel joins Jack at the cemetery. Their approaches to the day prove to be contrasting, though not necessarily incompatible. In fact, as the day moves forward, the lovers find they have more in common in the area of loss than they've ever touched upon before. Is their love strong enough to guide them as they confront this bereavement and tormenting pain on a deeper level and strive to provide both comfort and emotional release to each other?

Jack and Daniel begin a journey of personal growth, one that could ultimately entwine them more fully and proffer healing touches to the most injurious wounds. This is a courageous story, one that only Glow would be able to do justice to, and we are pleased to present it to you.

Sizzler Award 2003 Winner

• Tolerance by Tiger Tyger
   2003 SIZZLER Award Co-winner - Best Story, Stargate SG-1
   (Part 3 of the ‘Communion’ series)

     The briefing room went silent after Daniel's shockingly loud outburst. Echoes of it seemed to float in the air between SG-1.
     He was upset — that much Jack was sure of; the Communion between them made Daniel's emotions as obvious to him as his own.
     The general intervened from his position at the head of the table, one hand raised as if to soothe Daniel. "Dr. Jackson. I understand that the appointment of Dr. Bartleby as the head of the program's archeological department must be difficult for you, since you have been filling that role for us with stellar results. But, as I believe I mentioned, this is a political appointment, and as such, I have no control over it."
     Daniel sat back in his chair, his expression slack, face gone pale. His hands rested in his lap, and Jack was certain that his lover was either going to pass out or vomit.
     "Dr. Jackson?" Hammond asked, obviously concerned.
     "Uhh, Bartleby and I have, um, a history, you might say. We don't quite see eye to eye," was all Daniel said, but in that stammering, stumbling reply, everyone in the room could feel his consternation. Sam was biting her lip and Teal'c had the expression of one who would cheerfully rip out the heart of this Bartleby character if it would ease Daniel's mind.
     Much like Jack felt.
When Daniel's position in the SGC is threatened by a new political appointee, old history is dredged up to haunt him. Jack's temper is put on high simmer and threatens to blow as the linguist suffers denigration and besmirchment at the hands of the new head of archeological research, Benjamin Bartleby. As the lovers deal with this new thorn in their side, they also have to contend with the most recent threat by the Goa'uld as well as come to terms with the remaining emotional scars from the forced enslavement by Amunophret.

Tiger Tyger balances these converging storylines with her usual intelligent style and intricate plotting, again emphasizing the ever increasing bond of 'Communion' between Jack and Daniel. The lovers lean heavily upon their connection, also calling upon humor, compassion and unwavering trust in each other to meet these new challenges. Enjoy another story of passion and personal growth weaved around the very realistic dealings of the SGC by this seasoned author.


Photo Cover by Gryphon
256 Pages, J/D Slash

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• Absolution by Tiger Tyger

     "I'd prefer to go with him," Daniel said, rising and turning to leave, only to be kept from Jack's side by the slaves that suddenly surrounded him. O'Neill was still conscious and through the Communion he knew pretty much everything that was going on.
     "Your preferences are not an issue here, sinue," Amunophret told him, reverting to Egyptian and calling him 'slave'.
     Daniel bristled and shook his head. "I'm many things, but a slave is not one of them."
     "You are human and therefore a slave." The smile that twisted the Goa'uld's lips was a warning. "My own personal slave."
     "No," Daniel replied, just as adamantly. "I'd rather be dead than a slave to anyone."
     The handsome face frowned in anger. "It is this situation with the renegade O'Neill that makes you so recalcitrant. That will be dealt with."
     His heart lurched in his chest. "If you kill him, I'll die too."
     The Goa'uld gestured and Daniel was dragged forward, resisting all the way.
     "I never said I would kill him, nefer," Amunophret whispered, calling him 'beautiful', one callused hand stroking over Daniel's face before moving down his neck, his shoulder, to his chest. The anthropologist could feel his lover fuming at his being touched by anyone other than him. He had a mental impression of chains, a sense of weight, overlaid by O'Neill's irritation.
     "But as one of my kind, he would be less trouble to all."
     Jackson gasped. He shouldn't have reacted though; after all, it was the standard threat that they all lived under every time they entered the Stargate. But the very idea always sent arctic chills through him. He couldn't conceive of Jack becoming a Goa'uld, but he also couldn't imagine being bound mentally to one either, even if it could happen. Neither the Tok'ra nor the Mal'vor'ai were certain whether being Communed would protect humans from being made into Goa'uld . . . and whether that Goa'uld would then be bound to that body and die when it aged was another question.
In this sequel to the novella "Communion" that appeared in DHD-1, Jack and Daniel are still adjusting to the overwhelming changes that have affected their lives since they became Communed as 'One'. A new threat soon beckons in the form of Amunophret, a mighty Goa'uld long thought dead by even his own kind. Amunophret becomes enthralled by Daniel and vows to have him for his own. Since the Communed bond will not allow Daniel and Jack to be separated without causing their deaths, the Goa'uld takes them both as prisoners and slaves, determinedly doing everything in his power to break the Communion and enslave the lovers forever. The ordeal they endure at Amnuophret's hands touches dark demons within them and threatens to shatter the connection between Jack and Daniel. Will their love be strong enough to save them? Tiger Tyger takes you on an emotional journey that will keep you riveted as you quickly turn each page to find out what happens next. This story has it all; intrigue, eroticism, intimacy, humor, and an enduring love between two men tested to its limits yet limitless in its power to fortify and to heal. A story not to be missed.

• It All Comes Down to Trust by Emrys

     Suddenly something was moving over his skin. Jack twisted his wrist around the tubing to see three of the vile things sliding over the back of his hand before they disappeared beneath the surface. He couldn't contain his reaction, howling his disgust at the feel of those gross little machines crawling beneath his skin as he desperately tried to shake them off.
     "AAACCCKKKK! Ahhh!"
     The noise he emitted was nowhere near foul enough to express the horror that ran through his heart as Ma'chello's devices burrowed deeper, slithering into his body.
     Shudders raced over his flesh. He knew what would happen next. He'd seen what Daniel had gone through with only one of the damn things traveling around inside of him. If one could cause those kinds of hallucinations and delusions, there was no way he wanted to find out what three were going to do to him-to his mind.
     Or what would be left of it.
     Only he didn't have any choice. He was going to learn just how bad it could be in short order. No getting out of it, no backing away or pretending it wasn't going to happen. The wriggling sensation within warned it was already too late.
     He wondered briefly if Daniel had felt this creepy-crawly itching. The younger man had never said anything about feeling this way, but maybe that was because Jack hadn't paid enough attention to Jackson when he started to act like he was schizo.
     O'Neill should have believed in Daniel when his teammate had said he wasn't crazy. He never should have let them take Jackson to the looney bin and lock him away there...
     ...And now it was his turn to see things that weren't there. He glanced up to see Jackson's worried face in the observation window. Locking eyes for a moment, he could read all his own fear mirrored there.
In her latest Stargate story, Emrys not only fleshes out some of the events from the episode "Legacy" but goes on to explore their aftermath. Both Jack and Daniel are profoundly affected by their exposure to the devices Ma'chello constructed in an effort to kill the Goa'uld, though each in different ways. Jack continues to have hallucinations and breaks with reality while Daniel becomes more withdrawn and distant. It soon becomes clear that the residual effects of their ordeal are only part of the problem. Ma'chello's machines may well prove the catalyst for a newfound awareness of feelings long harbored. Come follow Jack and Daniel as they explore the boundaries of their relationship in this emotionally charged, compelling and passionate story.

• Closed Poker by Kath Moonshine

     I stop drying my hair and watch as Danny laces his fingers together and brings his arms over his head in a sort of sun salute. As he stretches he sucks in his breath and I can see each one of his ribs outlined, see the sparse tangle of brown hair at his armpits, the tiny cup made by the meeting of his collarbones and, for a moment, I imagine myself licking up his sternum, darting my tongue into that indentation at the base of this throat, murmuring into the soft skin of his neck, 'Let me kiss you,' but instead I say, "Let me check out your ribs. Lie back on the couch." Unresisting, Danny kicks back. I turn on the lamp on the end table and angle the shade so that I can better see what I'm up to. He shuts his eyes, against the glare I guess.
     I lay my hand on Daniel's belly, just a little below the sternum, and I feel the muscle beneath the skin flutter under my fingertips. "Does that hurt?" I ask.
     "Does it hurt when I press my fingers in?"
     "When I release the pressure?" I ask, drawing my fingers back quickly.
     "No, I feel fine."
     Though muscled, Danny's abdomen is soft and giving, which is good, 'cause if it were rigid or overly tender I'd have made a bad call bringing him here instead of rushing him to an emergency room.
'Closed poker' is a form of poker in which all the cards are dealt face-down. For Colonel Jack O'Neill, this has become an accurate euphemism to describe his life now that he has discovered his deep feelings of love for his teammate. Each day he struggles to keep his game face in place and disguise the emotions he doesn't dare express. But a brush with unexpected danger on the way home from a night out with Daniel begins a turn of events that brings O'Neill in a proximity with his friend that is far too close for comfort. Will he be able to keep his feelings in check or will he have to lay his cards on the table? In her debut Stargate story, Kath Moonshine brings her writing talent to this fandom with incredible results. Her Jack sounds so in character and authentic that you'll find it hard to believe some of the lines weren't taken directly from the episodes themselves. You won't want to miss this sweet, funny, compelling and oh-so-steamy story.

Sizzler Award 2002 Winner

• Among The Ruins by Glow
   2002 SIZZLER Award Winner - Best Story, Stargate SG-1

     Still, whatever black widow noxious gas that Hathor had breathed all over him to turn him and the other males on the base into walking, Goa'uld-worshipping zombies wasn't necessarily going to keep him from remembering the events forever. Dr. Fraiser had cautioned him about that during his own examination. The fact that he kept rubbing and scratching over his stomach to swipe away non-existent creepy crawlers was a good indication of that.
     "Why don't you sit back down?" Sam asked cautiously, seeming to take pains not to notice Jack's hand motions.
     He allowed her to lead him back to the hospital bed they had both been seated upon. Flopping back on it, he sighed, glancing at his watch for the hundredth time.
     "It really hasn't been all that long," the voice sitting beside him stated. Whether the captain believed that as truth or was just making another effort to distract him from his clock watching, he wasn't certain. Before he could even respond, he heard the sound of the door opening from across the room and yanked his head around to see who had entered.
     "How is he?" Jack was up on his feet and in Frasier's face before the doctor's stride had come to a complete stop in front of them. He was tired and eager to get out of here. The sooner Janet gave Daniel his clean bill of health, the quicker that would happen.
     The doctor drew a hand through her hair. She was just as tired as they were and it was evident in her appearance. The usually statuesque posture was drooping, the vibrant brown eyes dull and listless. Doing her job one-handed had to be an additional drain, yet O'Neill knew she wouldn't have gone off duty and left Jackson's care to others if she felt something was wrong. But what could be wrong?
     "Come on, doc," Jack implored when an entire half a minute passed and Janet still hadn't spoken. "Give us the thumbs up already. You look like you need to be out of here as badly as we do."
     "You've got that right," the doctor responded, the events of the day clearly weighing her down.
     "Is Danny getting dressed? Where is he?"
     O'Neill looked around, surprised that the archeologist hadn't trailed out behind Janet as was the norm when his physical was completed last. When Fraiser didn't respond directly, Sam stood up and moved beside Jack, concern in her voice.
     "Something's wrong, isn't it?"
This story begins mere hours after the events of the episode "Hathor" leave off. The threat wrought by the evil Goa'uld queen may not have been averted as completely as previously thought. In the hours, then days, that follow her invasion of the SGC, both Colonel O'Neill and Dr. Jackson must wrestle with hideous demons. The internal battles may prove more difficult to overcome than Hathor herself. Will they be able to help themselves and each other conquer the menace within before it costs them everything they have worked so hard for? Glow's remarkable story explores the emotional toll of violation and powerlessness while still managing to be tender, poignant, caring and a true testament to the power of love.


2003 Huggy Award Winner -
Stargate: Best Zine (anthology)

2002 SIZZLER Award Winner -
Best Zine, Stargate SG-1

2003 SCREWZ Award Winner -
Best Zine, Stargate SG-1

Photo cover by Dark Knight
2002 SIZZLER Award Winner -
Best Art, Stargate SG-1

245 Pages, J/D Slash
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Huggy Award 2003 WinnerSCREWZ Award 2003 Winner
Sizzler Award 2002 Winner

• Communion by Tiger Tyger
   2003 Huggy Award Winner - Stargate: Best Zine Story
   2002 SIZZLER Award Winner - Best Novel/Novella, Stargate SG-1
   2003 SCREWZ Award Winner - Stargate SG-1: Best Novella

     "There were a few anomalies in your test results. Both of you. Your EEG's are showing a marked change and there are other . . . responses . . . that are outside of your normal range of behavior."
     "What responses?" Daniel asked, and the two men followed Janet to her desk. She keyed up the computer to show the video of the infirmary. The two men watched, as their hands reached out to one another, then Jack's falling out of bed and his subsequent move to Daniel's bed.
     "Oh, boy," Jack muttered. "This is bad. Reaaalllly bad."
     "The dreams," Jackson whispered, his face going ashen. "What happened to us?"
     "We think that there is a form of symbiosis that's occurring between you," Janet said. "We don't know why or how it happened, so we have no idea of how to reverse it. For the moment, I would suggest you spend as little time together as possible, until we have this figured out."
     The two men looked at each other. "You tell her," Jack insisted.
     "No, you tell her," Daniel replied, stepping back.
     "Tell me what?" Janet asked softly. "If there's something you know that I don't, you need to tell me." Her glare burnt them both when they didn't immediately reply. "Somebody. Anybody! Now!"
     After glancing around to make certain that no one would overhear, Daniel murmured, "There were these dreams . . ."
     "These . . . hot . . . dreams," Jack added. "Very . . . erotic."
     "Erotic," Janet whispered, her brown eyes going wide. "Between you?"
     The two men nodded and she blew out a deep breath.
Colonel Jack O'Neill and Dr. Daniel Jackson return through the Stargate from their mission to P3X-259 changed men. Will these changes prove to be for the better or will the struggle to adapt to what has happened between them destroy their lives? Tiger Tyger weaves an intricate tale of denial and acceptance as Jack and Daniel are confronted with their most hidden desires. Rich characterization, crisp dialog, searing emotion and heated passion highlight this enthralling story that will have you turning each page with baited breath.

• The Price of Admission by Glow

     "You were attempting to violate my personal space," O'Neill pointed out sardonically. "That's a no-no, remember?"
     Daniel stifled the string of curses that were perched on the tip of his tongue. Losing his cool now would get him nowhere. Still, could anyone be anymore infuriating than this man?
     "Aren't you taking this a bit too far?" the archeologist reasoned in his most patient — read 'condescending' — tone.
     "Me? Ohhhh no, you're not pinning this on me. This was your idea, Brainiac. I'm just sticking with the program. Maybe you'll think twice next time before you let that logic of yours cloud your good sense."
     The only thing more maddening than Jack O'Neill, stubbornest man on the face of the earth, was Jack O'Neill — when he was right.
     This was all Daniel's doing. If he had just kept his mouth shut, he could have been exactly where he wanted to be right now — in a hot, sweaty, pretzel-like tangle of naked limbs with his commanding officer and love of his life.
     Instead, he was in his self-inflicted 'five feet back at all times' hell.
What has Daniel gotten himself into? More importantly, why? His quest for answers leads to hysterically funny consequences . . . and scaldingly intimate revelations about his innermost secrets. Jack teaches Daniel a sizzlingly hot lesson about trust he won't ever forget. All it will cost him is the 'Price of Admission'. This is Gloria at her scintillating, erotic best as she captures Jack & Daniel so well, so truly, you won't ever want to put the story down. A not-to-be-missed 'first' SG-1 story from this acclaimed author.

• In the Valley of the Shadow by Emrys

     Daniel stopped in front of him, a quirky grin plastered over the expressive features and he could feel his answering smile split his face before he forced his frozen body into motion. He pulled the archeologist into his arms, hugging the warm, breathing form as tightly as he could as strong arms hugged him back. Warmth flowed into his heart, making it whole again. He knew the explanations for Jackson's appearance would be long and involved and he didn't care.
     He buried his face in the curve of neck and shoulder, laughing as he pulled the scent of clean Daniel skin deep into his lungs along with the joy of holding the archeologist's form in his arms. "Ah, ah, oh." He clicked his tongue as he lifted his head from the strong neck and with his cheek against Jackson's, he spoke softly in the nearest ear, calling his teammate, "Space Monkey."...

     ...He felt himself melt a little and pulled back before he betrayed his feelings and got them both kicked out of SG-1 in what would be a very spectacular manner. If he believed for even a moment that Daniel wanted to be pushed up against the wall and fucked raw, he might have been tempted to try it. But he doubted that his teammate felt that way and even if he did, Jackson was not and never had been a one-night-stand-type lover. His outlook spelled commitment with a capital C and the military was generally not the place for a committed homosexual relationship.
Jack's relieved, heartfelt embrace of Daniel as he utters the affectionate endearment "Space Monkey" is really only the beginning for this 'star'-crossed couple. Emrys unfolds a tale of new love discovered, weaving it through important events of the episodes "Where But for the Grace of God, Politics, Within the Serpent's Grasp & Serpent's Lair." Journey beneath the surface of those pivotal episodes to find what lies beneath for Jack and Daniel. A rich, full tale of love in all its heartache and impassioned glory.


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