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Sentinel slash zines

The Synergy zines contain stories that were not net published. These zines are not to be confused with the S/nergy zines put out by a different publisher.

Synergy 1  •  Synergy 2  •  Synergy 3  •  Synergy 4  •   Synergy 5  •   Synergy 6  •   Synergy 7  •   Synergy 8  •   Synergy 9  

Classic Tiger Tyger: Volume One  •  Classic Tiger Tyger: Volume Two  •  Classic Tiger Tyger: Volume Three  •   Classic Tiger Tyger: Volume Four  


Huggy Award 2003 Winner2003 Huggy Award Winner -
The Sentinel: Best Writer - Tiger Tyger

  Debuted at MediaWest*Con, May 2007

Classic Tiger Tyger 4 The Classic Tiger Tyger:
Collected Sentinel "/" Stories
Volume Four: The "Guns & Roses" Universe

Photo cover by Gryphon
201 pages, J/B slash

Click here for ordering information

The Classic Tiger Tyger, Volume Four contains previously published, award-winning stories from the "Guns & Roses" series. These tales have never been net published. If you're a fan of the series and want to have it all in one place in a handy anthology version, this may be the zine for you!

• It's Not All Guns And Roses (originally published in Synergy 1)
• Danger & Daffodils (originally published in Synergy 3)
• Mortgages & Mudpies (originally published in Synergy 4)
• Boys and Blizzards (originally published in Synergy 6)
• Bullets and Babies (originally published in Synergy 8)
• Guardians and Guinea Pigs (originally published in Synergy 9)

(For synopses of any of these stories, please check the listings under the individual Synergy zines.)

Please e-mail for further information.

  Debuted at MediaWest*Con, May 2006

Synergy 9 Synergy 9
Cover art by Lorraine Brevig
131 pages, slash

Click here for ordering information

• How Blair Enticed Jim to Fix Up a Cabin in the Deep Woods by Emrys

     A hand grabbed his arm, turning him back to face Ellison. "Tell me you didn't buy this place." Apparently, his expression gave up the game.
     "Oh, shit, you did!"
     Moistening his lips with his tongue, he saw Jim's eyes follow the movement. "Yeah, I did," he murmured, keeping his heartbeat steady by taking deep, slow breaths. He didn't need to piss Ellison off any more than he already was.
     Confused eyes met his, Jim's hold on his arm easing. "Why, Sandburg? This is insane. It takes forever to get up here-this place is in the middle of fucking nowhere."
     Waving his free arm around, he explained, "Because this is what you need, Jim. You need this kind of isolation from the affects of civilization. If I could have found an even more remote area we could have gotten to with less than a week's travel, I would have bought that instead."
Jim's senses are slowly breaking down and it's up to his Guide to figure out why. The Sentinel is none-too-pleased with Blair's conclusion, though he follows his lover into the deep woods nonetheless. There, Sentinel and Guide work together to restore that which Jim has lost. At the same time, they need to heal the growing rift between them as Jim struggles to forgive Blair for what the Sentinel sees as a breach of his trust. Part one of what Emrys entitles "The How Series", this story is filled with passion, humor, and love. Come into the woods with Jim and Blair and see what happens when a Sentinel is returned to his natural habitat.

• Why by KAM

     I can't face going to the loft right now. Not knowing that you're here. It's just a place, not a home, if we're not both there.
     My back is aching from sitting for so long. I stretch, bracing my hands against the small of my back hoping to ease the tense muscles. I can't stop myself from moaning loudly at the sharp twinges and pain. The sound seems obscene and out of place in the stillness of the room. Automatically, I look at you, more out of habit than from any real expectation of seeing you awake. I sigh again when I see you haven't responded or reacted to my noise.
     "Oh, Jim...."

Blair stumbled out of the ambulance when they arrived at the hospital, eyes on the stretcher bearing the unconscious form of his partner. He latched onto Jim's arm, refusing to be moved as they rushed into the hospital. Orders were given, information received, but it all passed over him, like a wave, ebbing and flowing around him, some words sounding loud and clear while others were muffled and indecipherable....
Jim is seriously wounded in a shoot-out at a convenience store. As Blair waits vigil at his hospital bedside, events that led them up to this place in time unfold through his troubled mind. There is an important question he never had the chance to answer for Jim . . . and now it may well be too late. KAM, an author new to Synergy, has woven a gripping, heartfelt tale of love that progresses across two timelines until finally meeting at the crucial juncture. Will Blair lose Jim before he ever gets a chance to right things between them? KAM has a romantic, idyllic style to her writing that flows over the reader and touches the heartstrings. You'll feel Blair's pain and abiding love as you read through this story about missed opportunity and second chances realized.

• Three-For-All by Glow (reprinted from the multimedia zine Bound and Determined)

     Kneeling before him was the lover that not only understood all of that about him better than he understood it himself, but had answering needs coursing through his being as well...needs which thankfully he didn't wrestle with or try to deny one iota. That was one of the things—one of the many things—he admired about Blair.
     There was no doubt in his mind. For all their macho burliness, neither he nor Simon held a candle to the young detective in this department. Stereotypes be damned, Sandburg had more confidence in his masculinity than either Ellison or Banks could muster up combined. His partner was quite comfortable with who he was and what he enjoyed, which allotted him the freedom and abandon to explore every end of the sexual spectrum with a wide-open embrace rather than being bogged down lugging heavy baggage....
     The ease with which his lover had slipped into this persona and opened himself fully to his desires astounded him. It took a helluva lot more time and work and usually the combination of the two of them to get Simon to this place. And him. Oh, shit, he was a case all to himself, one which thankfully neither of his friends ever lost patience with. He was, by self-definition, a fucking mess.
It's Blair's big night after receiving his first commendation by the police department. The celebration leads to one of their special trysts, something they don't partake in often, but when they do...the sparks fly. A sexy, erotic story of passion between three lusty men, "Three-For-All" is also a rich, psychological study of what makes Jim Ellison tick. Only those closest to him, who love him unconditionally, can be trusted with the deepest aspects of Jim. In the tender, generous, loving arms of both Blair and Simon, Jim is granted the freedom to soar. A rousing, hot story that also touches the heart and emboldens the spirit, "Three-For-All" is being reprinted in the pages of Synergy 9 so that it can reach the audience who missed this tale in the multi-media zine it was first published in.

• Guardians and Guinea Pigs by Tiger Tyger

     Angel's shriek gave them little warning before a blond blur raced past them with a white fluff on its tail. "Godiva!" Paulie cried and raced for the rat.
     "Waldo!" Angel shrieked, attempting to tackle the Bichon Frise as it streaked past her.
     "Catch her!"
     "Grab him!"
     "Oops, sorry, Jim."
     "It's only my eye, Jus."
     "Oh. Sorry, Jim."
     Ellison decided he'd had enough of being poked and prodded in the melee and stood up. Blair had one hell of a hard head, and Justin's pointy elbows should be declared lethal weapons. In a moment, he'd tracked the chirping bundle of blond fluff behind the entertainment system and had snatched Waldo up under one arm. Distracted by the higher view, Waldo stopped barking, and looked around with interested eyes.
     "Coax her out with some food, Paulie," Jim instructed as he held on to the wriggling pup.
Another typical day in the Ellison-Sandburg home. In this sixth installment of the widely popular "Guns & Roses" series (you keep cajoling her, she'll keep writing 'em), Tiger Tyger brings all the humor, drama, family angst, and everyday reality that we've come to expect from these stories. In this go-round, the family contends with Jim and Blair's extended absence due to a sensitive case, Justin's growing dissatisfaction with his living arrangement, and Paulie's burgeoning animal collection. But as always, the deep, abiding love that characterizes this family sees them through their trials and tribulations. Tiger Tyger once again tells a story rich in heart and humor—and no small amount of sizzle, for despite being harried parents, Jim and Blair never lose sight of their own special bond.

Please e-mail for further information.

  Debuted at MediaWest*Con, May 2006

Classic Tiger Tyger 3 The Classic Tiger Tyger:
Collected Sentinel "/" Stories
Volume Three: 1999-2000

Cover artwork by Gryphon
250 pages, J/B slash

Click here for ordering information

The Classic Tiger Tyger, Volume Three contains some of this award-winning author's early Sentinel Slash fiction, fiction that has never been net published and is presently difficult to acquire. If you're one of the frustrated fans who has been searching for some of Tiger's older fiction and you haven't been able to get your hands on the hard-to-find or out-of-production zines in which the stories first appeared, this may be the zine for you!

• Damnation (originally published in Warriors 2)
• In Shadow of Night (originally published in Come to Your Senses 11)
• Catalyst (originally published as a novella)

Please e-mail for further information.

  Debuted at MediaWest*Con, May 2006

Afterglow AfterGlow:
The Best of Glow

Cover artwork by Gryphon
239 pages, J/B slash

Click here for ordering information

For all of you faithful and patient fen who have asked us when we would be putting Glow's early work in one volume, your prayers have finally been answered! AfterGlow contains four remarkable examples of this award-winning author's early Sentinel slash fiction, fiction that has never been net published and is now hard to find. By turns poignant, funny, dramatic, and sweet, this is a collection not to be missed.

• Birthday Rules (originally published in Primal Instincts)
• Halftime Festivities (originally published in Primal Instincts 2)
• A Quiet Evening at Home (originally published in Primal Instincts 3)
• Past Imperfect (originally published in Primal Instincts 4)

Please e-mail for further information.

Debuted at MediaWest Convention, May 2005

Synergy 8 Synergy 8
Cover Artwork by Agt Spooky
158 pages, J/B Slash

Click here for ordering information

• Getting Back on Solid Ground by GJ

     "Chief, you all right in there?"
     Jim's voice from the other side of the bathroom door halted the images and transformed the scenery around Blair back into the familiar sight of their bathroom.
     "Yeah," he managed to call back. "I'm all right, Jim. Just a little bout of panic attack there. It's better now. It's passing. I'm okay."
     Blair knew better than to lie. Jim would have heard his erratic breathing and accelerated heartbeat, not to mention his stumbling around. Better to just admit what it was. He had been dealing with panic attacks all his life. After what went down today, he was not surprised he was having one now.
     "You sure?"
     "Yeah, Jim, it's passing. I'm doing better now, see."
     Blair sucked in a deep breath, letting it out slowly, knowing Jim would hear. The air felt good in his lungs and he took another.
     "Just come out of there," Jim requested. "You've been in there long enough to turn into a prune. You must look like a drowned rat. Come on."
     Ellison speak for 'get out here where I can keep an eye on you because I'm concerned as hell and I'm climbing the walls here trying not to intrude on your space but I'm about to lose it'.
     "Be right out."
In the aftermath of the events that took place in the episode Dead Drop, Jim and Blair try to cope with the emotions and fears left in the wake of Blair's ordeal in the doomed elevator. While confronting his own demons, Blair must also support his stoic lover who has bottled his emotions and needs up so tightly Sandburg might just need a crowbar to pry them loose. As Blair carefully penetrates the defenses of his of his Kevlar-clad cop, he sets them both on the road to healing in this sexually charged, evocative story.

• Bullets and Babies by Tiger Tyger

     "Anything else?"
     Another pause and Blair just glared at him in warning.
     "My panther's...disturbed, pacing around, snarling."
     "Ah, shit. I've gotten us into a mess."
     "And what mess would that be?"
     "Putting another Sentinel under the same roof as you."
     "He's only a kid," Jim scoffed.
     "A kid with three senses that work perfectly, who is 'guided' by your daughter, in contact with your own Guide on a daily basis. Think you might have a conflict with that?"
     "That's bull, Chief."
     "Was Alex bull, too?"
     The analogy made Jim sit up, as Blair knew it would. "Alex was a Sentinel competing for my Guide and my territory, Blair. She wanted you, hated me, and tried to kill us both. There are no similarities."
     "Other than me."
In the fifth installment of the Guns and Roses universe, Blair and Jim are up to their eyeballs again. As if a house, three kids, two jobs and a dog weren't enough to keep them busy they now have to take on Justin's emerging Sentinel abilities, along with the impeding birth of Serena and Simon's addition. Somewhere in the mix they even find time to shop for a new car, replant the yard, ponder a return to academia and play some tennis at the snobby country club. The ease with which Tiger Tyger skillfully draws you into the trials and tribulations of this family's life is remarkable. You feel totally at home and eager for each new day to begin. As with every other installment in this series, she injects enough humor, tenderness, angst and searing passion to keep you turning the pages in anticipation, never wanting it to end.

• For Better, For Worse by Glow

     "Come on, guys, don't fight because of me." Steve, ever the peacemaker, was appealing to them both. "Isn't it like your anniversary today?"
     Surprised, Blair considered the date. Sure enough, it was six months to the day since he and Jim had exchanged vows in the wackiest ceremony this side of Monty Python. The fact that Steve knew that and he didn't only served to make him feel more of an ass than he already did.
     "Yup," Jim responded. "And I get to spend it hauling furniture and listening to you two bicker. Ain't marriage grand?"
     Steve laughed. "So if a year anniversary is paper, what's six months? Like a tree?"
     "A tree?" Blair asked, annoyance evident in his tone.
     "You know...a tree is what paper is before it's paper."
     "Considering the forest we had at our ceremony, that sounds pretty appropriate," Jim agreed, sharing a laugh with Steve.
     Blair was unable to pinpoint why the good cheer was getting on his nerves, but it was. "Six month anniversaries don't have any kind of symbol," he pointed out with anthropological uppity-ness.
     "Nothing wrong with being unconventional," Steve offered.
     "I suppose you'd be the expert there," Blair rebutted, giving up on trying to untangle his hair and just roughly tying the band back around it.
     "Can you two do me a favor and squabble over by the fridge—and hand me a beer while you're there."
     "One beer for the hot, sweaty manhunk, coming up."
Jim and Blairís six month anniversary find them with much to contemplate as this third story in the Going to the Chapel universe opens. Steve has finally moved out of the loftóand in with Daryl. His dogged pursuit of Simon is alive and well, much to Blairís unease, but itís more than this romantic disaster thatís got Sandburg out of sorts. The newlyweds face a crossroads that may well determine the fate of their short-lived marriage. All this to handleóand a goat birth, too! What more could you want in a story? Wild, whacky, winsome, warm and wickedly wanton . . . youíll have a great time.

Debuted at MediaWest Convention, May 2004

Synergy 7 Synergy 7
Cover Artwork by Agt Spooky
Interior Art by Lorraine B.
2004 SIZZLER Award Winner -
The Sentinel: Best Art

171 pages, J/B slash
Click here for ordering information

Sizzler Award 2004 Winner

• Spirit's Gift by Emrys

     The foggy gaze continued to stare right through him and he couldn't help but wonder what was going through the stranger's mind. "What's your name, Chief?"
     "Blair." It was no more than a low whisper of sound that he had to strain to hear.
     "My name's Jim. Jim Ellison. I found you down by the river." He wasn't sure how much of what he said was getting through to the injured man.
     He got a slow blink and a flutter of lashes, so he assumed something was sinking in. "Where am I?" the man asked raggedly.
     "My cabin in the Olympian range of the Cascades. Nearest city is Cascade and that's about a three-hour drive."
     The eyelids fluttered again and Jim knew he'd given out more information than could be processed.
     "Be right back with some water." He stood, stopping at the man's — Blair's — gasp. Spinning around, he found his new boarder lifting a trembling hand for Spirit to sniff. "He won't hurt you either."
     The unfocused gaze drifted back to Jim's. "I know," the roughened voice grated. "He pulled me from the water."
     He couldn't help the smile that briefly creased his lips. "I knew I kept that dog around for some useful reason. Say hello to Spirit."
In this tender A/U story, Jim Ellison left the Army an angry man betrayed by both family and country, victim of senses he cannot control. Since his discharge, he's lived alone in the mountains of Cascade, his only companion his faithful dog, Spirit. The solitude of his existence is broken the day Spirit finds a certain curly-haired stranger that has been beaten and left for dead floating down the river. Jim determines he must help the injured man—but how much use can Jim be to Blair when his own mental health issues remain unresolved? Making matters more difficult, the stranger has a disconcerting affect on Ellison's unruly senses. In this touching first-time falling in love story, Emrys depicts the slow union of Jim and Blair as they learn more about each other each day, realizing how vital the other is to their own healing process.

Sizzler Award 2004 WinnerSCREWZ Award Winner 2005

• Phoenix by Tiger Tyger
   2004 SIZZLER Award Winner - Best Story, The Sentinel
   2005 SCREWZ Award Winner - The Sentinel: Best Story

     The psychiatrist suggested that Jim begin writing a journal.
     Blair shrugged his shoulders from his position seated next to his friend in the expensively furnished office; he would try anything at this point to get the former detective to communicate, even if it was only in writing. Dr. Jeffries had asked Jim in their most recent session to begin writing about the experiences of the past year, and while Ellison did not look at all thrilled at the idea, he didn't argue. In fact, he didn't say a word.
     He never said a word any more. He didn't speak. Period.
     It was very hard to psychoanalyze a patient that couldn't talk to you. But it was even harder to live with one.
A devastating event changes the lives of Jim and Blair forever. The aftermath of the trauma slowly unfolds in both narrative and explosive glimpses between the pages of both men's journals. Can Jim Ellison rise like the Phoenix and rebuild his life from the ashes of what remains after unscrupulous villains get their hands on a modern day Sentinel? Will Blair find what it takes inside himself to be the Guide he needs to be in the midst of harrowing obstacles? Tiger Tyger's riveting, compelling story challenges our heroes to the max. Find out if their bond is strong enough to overcome the darkness that has come into their lives.

• The Honeymoon's Over by Glow

     Thankfully, the damned elevator was working when they got to the loft at somewhere around 4:30 a.m. He would have had to sleep in the car otherwise, because he didn't have the strength left to even think about butt walking his way up the stairs, dragging his leg behind him.
     Blair and Steve were still hustling the luggage out of the elevator when he wheeled himself to the door and dug in his pocket for the key. He was eager to get inside, to be home. The last thing he expected was the furry face that greeted him as he opened the door.
     "Nahhhh," the beast bleated, sending Jim rolling back into the hall.
     "Oh, hey, sorry, he didn't mean to scare you." Logan dropped the bags he was holding and went to grab the animal by its collar, petting it soothingly. "It's okay, George, they're cool. They live here."
     "George?" Blair muttered when he'd picked up his chin.
     "Is that what I think it is?" Ellison bellowed.
     "Depends," Steve chided. "Do you think it's a goat?"
     "What the hell is a goat doing in our loft?"
     "He was one of the wedding gifts, remember?"
     Jim could tell by the look on Blair's face that the same memory was filtering back to him at the exact same time. The wedding. The chaos. The hall filled with everything from trees to Druids. And indeed, there had been a goat.
     "That thing was a p-present?" Blair sputtered.
     Logan's thin shoulders shrugged. "I guess. When everyone cleared out, he was still there, chewing on the other gifts."
     "Who the hell would give us a goat?" Sandburg wondered.
     Ellison was more direct. "Who the hell would be fool enough to bring the goat back to the loft?"
This hilarious sequel to "Going to the Chapel" (Synergy 5) shows Jim and Blair in all their established relationship glory. Now married, Jim and Blair share a hot sexy honeymoon in their Anguilla paradise. But all good things must come to an end—sometimes painfully so. Blair's intense fear of flying leads to an unfortunate mishap that turns Jim Ellison into Ironside. Being a newlywed in a wheelchair is bad enough, but Ellison is also a private detective with a full caseload to contend with. Join in the hilarity as the rolling Sentinel juggles bad guys, their irrepressible housemate Steve and a goat named George. If you thought the wedding was wild, wait until you experience life at the Ellison/Sandburg household after the honeymoon.

Debuted at EclectiCon, November 2003

Synergy 6 Synergy 6
2003 SIZZLER Award Co-winner -
Best Zine, The Sentinel

2004 SCREWZ Award Winner -
The Sentinel: Best Overall Zine

Cover Artwork by Agt Spooky
2004 SCREWZ Award Winner -
The Sentinel: Best Artwork

203 pages, J/B slash

Click here for ordering information
SCREWZ Award Winner 2004 Sizzler Award Co-Winner 2003

• After Effect by Shadowfax
   (First Time, 17 pages)

     It had all worked out in the end and Jim was safe. Yet Blair couldn't shake the terror he had felt when he realized he could have easily lost Jim. In fact, he hadn't slept in the past two nights because of that fear. He had tried to get some rest but every time he closed his eyes he had seen Jim's body, shot by Oliver or tossed off of that roof. Blair knew Ellison's job was dangerous—had accepted that from the beginning—but for some reason this time he couldn't let go of the fact that he could have easily lost his Sentinel.
     His Sentinel. The phrase echoed in his head. When had he started thinking of Jim in those terms, rather than as his research project?
Set in the aftermath of the episode ďSecret,Ē Jim and Blair deal with their reactions to recent events and Jimís brush with death. In order to alleviate the stress and tension both are feeling, they decide to embark on the camping trip that was abruptly cancelled when Jim was kidnapped. Alone in the woods, they find time to explore their feelings about the eventsóand each otheróas their partnership takes an unexpected turn. This story by Shadowfax is both tender and steamy as both Sentinel and Guide partake in a camping trip not soon to be forgotten.

• You Don't Know by Ami
   (Established Relationship, 3 pages)

     When you showed up on Thursday at the station to surprise me after your class was canceled, I know you could see how tired I was. Did you know that it didn't matter once I saw you? Work had been an endless hell with suspects, perps and constant paperwork exhausting me; all I wanted to do was crawl into bed with you, even though I knew that it wouldn't happen 'til after five. But none of that mattered when you walked through the loft door and I saw that smile on your face. You know the one, that happy, glad-to-see-me, satisfied smile you do so well. Seeing it always relaxes something inside of me — something I hold tense when I'm with the rest of the world. Did you know that you wear that smile when we're in bed together? After. . . .
Jim's watching Blair sleep, thinking about how much he enjoys his lover in so many ways and how dear Blair is to him. Ami's first story for us is a warm, loving piece that we're certain you will enjoy.

• All Bets Are Off by Glow
   (Established Relationship, 9 pages)

     "We made a bet, Jim," Blair reminded, his indigo eyes imploring in the manner that generally left the detective tied securely around his little finger.
     Looking away before he got sucked into the vortex, he stomped back to the couch. "You cheated, so that makes the bet null and void. Look it up in the Rules of Betting." Okay, it was lame, but that was all he had at the moment.
     "The Rules of Betting? What, did they give that out in the schoolyard when you were eight? Did it have a section on daring and double daring and — hey! What do you mean I cheated?"
     "Way to go, Sandburg, swift on the uptake there." He bent to retrieve the batteries and sat back down on the couch.
     Blair was on him faster than Simon on a fresh pot of coffee, leaping the last three steps and landing hard on his lap, sending both remote and batteries flying as he straddled Jim.
     "I will not be called a cheater by a welsher."
     "Bet you canít say that three times fast . . . oww!"
     Blair released the nipple he had just twisted through Ellisonís shirt and narrowed his gaze. "How did I cheat?"
     "How should I know?" Jim responded, rubbing his injured nub. "I just know you did."
A simple bet causes all kinds of upheaval in the Ellison-Sandburg house, especially when Jim refuses to pay up. A crisp, humorous repartee is exchanged as each argues their point strenuously . . . until Sandburg devises a cunning strategy to get what's coming to him. And that's only the beginning! This story moves smoothly from humor to heat to heartfelt revelations. What begins as a simple dispute leads to a new level of intimacy between these tender lovers as they explore the boundaries of their trust.

Sizzler Award 2003 Winner

• Boys and Blizzards by Tiger Tyger
   2003 SIZZLER Award Winner - Best Story, The Sentinel
   (Established Relationship, 59 pages)

     "Blair, this is just temporary, right? I donít want Paulie to think that heís going to have to share everything we've given to him because Justinís here."
     Sandburg looked at him from his position on a higher stair. "Jim," he sighed. "Can we just do this and worry about the ramifications later?"
     "No," Ellison replied. "Blair, I know your heart is big enough for hundreds of kids and that there are a lot out there that need help . . . but we canít be there for all of them."
     "This is just one kid —"
     "Blair, that's what we said about Angel. And Paulie. And I love them both; you know that. But this kid is an enigma to me; worse, he doesn't even like us. Paulie's nervous as a cat around him; Jus has enough to handle without having to deal with Paulieís issues and vice-versa."
     "And you think we can't help both of them?"
     "Oh please, Chief. Paulie needs a great deal of attention and you know it; he's sensitive to any changes in his environment. Justin does nothing but disturb that environment. He couldn't be any more obvious in his dislike for 'cops'. His father was a dealer, the scum of the earth, one of the men who uses other kids to sell his products."
     "Jus wasn't involved in that."
     "That we know of."
     "Jim, enough!" . . . .
For those waiting anxiously for the next installment in the "Guns & Roses" universe, wait no longer. In this fourth story in the series, Tiger Tyger maintains the level of humor, familial love, angst, tenderness and passion that have made these stories such a delight. Devoted parents Jim and Blair continue to deal with the demands of their harried household and hectic careers. A difficult case lands a new face at their already crowded dinner table, upsetting the delicate balance of their emotionally complex foster kids as well as stirring up more questions regarding the existence of Sentinels. Despite the influx of fresh problems (a close call for Blair sends Jim and the kids reeling) and challenges (the 'question' comes up and Jim and Blair are left to explain their 'differences' to the kids), our guys still manage to find time for each other. These lovers know how to set the bed sheets — and even the work benches — on fire. You'll be engrossed in every page and looking forward to the next installment by the time you turn the last page.

• And I Would Be the One by Emrys
   (First Time, 114 pages)

     That evening Jim walked into the loft to find Blair sitting on the floor in front of the stereo, meditating. The sounds of gentle drums and flutes echoed through his home and he caught at the wall as his knees gave for a second.
     Blair's motionless figure had morphed for a moment into a familiar, but unknown, form. An older man, with partially braided, black hair and dark, Indian features. His face brought an ache to Jimís heart while the red and black paint enhancing the serious eyes looked right through him and into his soul as if he were made of clear glass. The man's expression was both sorrowful and joyful at the same time, the opposing emotions blending together with an intimate knowledge of Ellisonís character.
     He knew that man. In his heart, he knew him.
     But there was no name, not even a flicker of recognition in his mind. There was no voice chanting with the music and he needed to hear that sound so badly he groaned.
     Blair's eyes flew open, startled at not being alone, then he leapt to his feet, helping Ellison to the couch. The worry in the blue watching him became a deep chocolate brown again for a moment as the music surged and crested. As the sound died away, it was Sandburg kneeling between his wide spread knees, both hands cupping his face with a gentle roughness. They were no longer student soft; his time with Jim was toughening him up.
Emrys' sweeping tale begins in Peru and follows Jim through his days with the Chopec. When he returns to Cascade, the Sentinel has no memory of his time spent there. Over the course of the following years — and spanning the critical events of major episodes — Jim slowly begins to regain his memories and become more in tune with his Sentinel abilities. Blair is beside him every step of the way and as the bond between Sentinel and Guide deepens, so do Jim's feelings for Blair. Are these feelings predetermined for the Sentinel? Should he continue to fight what may well be an inevitable aspect of his Sentinel disposition, this link to his Guide? Jim's struggles with his innermost self lead to newfound discoveries and bring him closer and closer to the man who holds his heart.

Debuted at ConneXions Convention, April 2003

Synergy 5 Synergy 5
2003 Huggy Award Winner -
The Sentinel: Best Zine (anthology)

Cover Artwork by Agt Spooky
190 Pages, J/B Slash

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Huggy Award 2003 Winner

• There is Only Music by Anne Light
   (First Time, 58 pages)

     He'd caught Blair in sexual situations before. Shortly after Blair had moved in he'd caught him with that beautiful Asian woman, Chris, when Jim had come home from a stakeout; although neither of them had actually been in the act, he had smelled the distinct tang of arousal in the air, male and female. And Blair had come back to the loft lots of times with the scent of sex hanging on him like a perfume. Not to mention all the times he'd heard Sandburg whacking off in his room below him—although Sandburg had always tried to be quiet—or having a wet dream. It had never bothered him. Not 'bothered' him like this anyway.
     But then he'd never actually seen, or heard, Sandburg having sex before. Not until tonight.
     Jim closed his eyes. He could still see Blair's blue eyes holding his. Still feel his arms around him. Still feel his cock inside him, driving them both to ecstasy. . . .
     He was remembering something that had never happened.
     Just my senses going crazy, he thought, trying to dismiss it. Because I'm tired, probably. The equivalent of a man exhausted from driving all day starting to see things on the road. Or people who were worn out from walking in the desert seeing mirages. Yeah, that was it. Just some temporary sensory glitch caused by tiredness, stress or both.
     He refused to acknowledge the fact that he'd been a lot more tired, and a lot more stressed, in the two years since his Sentinel abilities had gone online.
The Sentinel is forced to deal with yet another unsettling byproduct of his heightened senses, a phenomenon termed 'synesthesia'. Jim is surprised to come home one night and catch his roommate in a sexual act. He is even more troubled by his reaction—a sensory response that leaves him feeling as though he were the one in bed with Blair. Jim's plight grows more difficult by the day as the strain of suppressing both his sensory spikes and his deep-seated feelings for his partner leave him spiraling on the edge of control. This story from Anne Light is both edgy and intricately plotted. The emotional repercussions will touch your heart and keep you absorbed to the end.

SCREWZ Award Winner 2004
• Waiting Room Redux by Kath Moonshine
2004 SCREWZ Award Winner - The Sentinel: Best Story
   (First Time, 13 pages)

     We came home after filing reams of paperwork and, of course, I wanted to talk about the extraordinary paranormal phenomena we'd just experienced. Jim, on the other hand, seemed totally beat . . . way too tired to wax rhapsodic about how we solved a forty-five-year-old murder case using clues gleaned from a haunted apartment. So even though I wanted nothing more than to sit down and really get into how Molly Charles' ghost had touched Jim's Sentinel senses, I could tell that Jim was not ready for one of our 'post-game wrap-up' sessions.
     "M'tired, Chief," Jim mumbled, pushing past me, shambling on what looked like autopilot for the stairs to his bedroom. "M'calling it a night. You can dissect me in the morning."
     "C'mon," I said jokingly, trying to lighten the mood. I placed my hand upon his shoulder with just enough pressure to slow his forward progress. "You don't really see what we do as 'dissection'. . .right?"
     The last bit came out a little more tentatively than I would have expected from myself, especially given the recently changed nature of our relationship. After months, even years worth of mutual attraction, Jim and I have finally reached an understanding: Jim acknowledges that the idea of falling in love with a man is, well, let's just say it's difficult for him to handle. But since he has in fact already started falling in love with a man, with me—Blair Sandburg, I might add—he feels like it would be dishonest for us not to attempt to deal with the issue head-on.
A glimpse into the pages of Blair Sandburg's private journal will shed new light on the episode "The Waiting Room". Through Blair's own words, a new understanding is garnered about the impact the paranormal meeting with Molly Charles had on the relationship between the Sentinel and his Guide. Moonshine uses true Sandburg wit, humor, compelling narrative voice and intellectual jargon to weave this retelling of a turning point in Jim & Blair's relationship. You'll feel as though you truly are privy to Blair's private thoughts as you read through this poignant and scintillating tale.

• None So Blind by Emrys
   (First Time, 64 pages)

     "Okay. I've got some purified water here and I'm gonna flush out your eyes. Open 'em and tell me what you see."
     The voice was confident, matter-of-fact, but he could hear the racing of Sandburg's heart and knew it was an act, a front put on for his benefit. Sometimes it was a bitch to know too much, hear too much. His muscles tensed and stiffened with the increase in anxiety. In denial, he cracked one eye open, but the bright haze intensified, so he quickly shut it again, groaning.
     Blair's sigh washed over him. "Bad, huh? Let's see if this helps any."
     His head was lifted and a soft towel was placed behind his neck before he was gently repositioned. Following Sandburg's vital signs gave him something to think about other than his own plight, but he couldn't put this out of his mind forever.
     I can't be blind, I can't! The effects of this stuff will wear off soon and then everything will be fine, just fine, he told himself. But he knew it was a lie, and the rationalization didn't dampen the terror coursing through his guts. It settled down deep, making him break out into a sweat as the cold ate into his being. Blair's voice intruded into his panic, breaking the horrid chain with calming words.
     "All right, Jim. I want you to open your eyes and I'm going to pour some water over them, see if we can flush out the golden like we did on your arms and hands. Okay?"
The episode "Golden" only told half the story. Emrys' glimpse inside the minds and hearts of Ellison and Sandburg as they grapple with the life-altering events of this case-gone-wrong are not to be missed. Experience the frustration and terror of a Sentinel robbed of one of his senses. Follow the efforts of his Guide to help, efforts soon thwarted by Blair's own chilling exposure to the drug. Witness the deepening of the relationship that they both come to depend on to see them through this harrowing time. This touching, emotionally riveting story is not to be missed.

SCREWZ Award Winner 2004
• Going to the Chapel by Glow
2004 SCREWZ Award Winner - The Sentinel: Best Novella
   (Established relationship, 54 pages)

     ". . . There's going to be food, people. It's an occasion, Ellison. You can't very well have dead silence in there. Trust me, Carl and his guys are the best."
     "I'm sure they are." Jim was squirming in his seat now, leaning onto the desk. "Thing is, I really don't want all this fuss. I was thinking on a much simpler scale."
     "What fuss? It's already done, there's nothing for you to do. In fact, I'll even foot the bill as my gift. Can't get much less fuss than that."
     Simon took out one of his cigars, running it under his nose to enjoy the scent, obviously pleased with himself.
     Jim was having no better luck getting through to Simon than he had with Joel over the tuxedos. And now his family had jumped into this fray. You could have bowled him over with a wedding bouquet when he found out about Steven's gift and his dad's offer. He'd been meaning to call both of them about that, but got caught up trying to figure out how to sound appreciative and grateful while at the same time turning down the offer.
     A dilemma he was mulling at present as well.
     "I just don't know, Simon. I mean, I wasn't too keen on this wedding or commitment ceremony or rum cake party or whatever it is in the first place. Hell, when I got married in the traditional sense, I didn't go through all this crap."
     "And look how that turned out."
There's no situation so bad that it can't get worse. That's the lesson Jim and Blair learn as they make the decision to have a small, quiet ceremony to symbolize their commitment to each other. As the date draws near and more and more people offer their unsolicited 'help', the big event snowballs into something more akin to a circus act than a wedding. Will the partners stave off the chaos long enough to say 'I Do'? Find out in Glow's humorous, yet loving romp.

Synergy 4 Synergy 4
2003 SCREWZ Award Winner -
The Sentinel: Best Zine

Cover Artwork by Larrkin
178 Pages, J/B Slash

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SCREWZ Award 2003 Winner

Sizzler Award 2002 Winner
• Mortgages & Mudpies by Tiger Tyger
   2002 SIZZLER Award Winner - Best Story, The Sentinel
   (Established relationship, 50 pages)

     It was here.
     They were doomed, Jim Ellison thought gloomily and he glanced at the calendar on his desk. Again.
     With all the preparation for moving into their new home, neither he nor Blair had given any thought to the impending holiday, arguably the biggest one of the year.
     Christmas to be exact.
     Here it was, December 20th, and the place was not only undecorated, but without a present in hiding.
     He looked over at his partner, the love of his life, the father of his children, and muttered, "How could we forget that?"
     "We didn't exactly forget," Blair attempted to obfuscate, but for someone as attuned to his blarneyisms as Ellison, he was not going to fall for it.
     "Baloney," he snapped. "We scrooged out. We forgot Christmas-what kind of parents are we?"
     "Melodramatic ones apparently," Blair murmured, not even bothering to look up from the file he was reading. "Jeez, Jim, relax. We've got five days almost. How difficult can it be to shop for two kids?"
How difficult indeed. The holidays bring conflict, adjustment, heartache, discovery and joy for the newly established Ellison-Sandburg family. With this third story in the Guns and Roses universe, Tiger Tyger spins yet another engrossing emotional journey rife with rich characterizations and compelling situations. Jim and Blair face not only the first Christmas with their new family, but also deal with the complications of illness and strained family ties as an unexpected guest shows up for the holidays. Come share in the laughter, the tears and the unfailing love as you are drawn once more into this universe that grows more absorbing with each installment from this talented writer.

Sizzler Award 2002 Winner

• Back Alley Blair by Emrys
   2002 SIZZLER Award Winner - Best Short Story, The Sentinel
   (First-time story, 14 pages)

     Then the big man was standing directly in front of him, fingers threading into his damp curls. Their lower bodies brushed as his 'client' pushed him back against the cold brick until his ass connected solidly with the hard, wet surface. He jerked as an electric current flowed between their tightly pressed groins and he felt his cock jump and begin to harden.
     That had never happened before. It was only a job, he told himself, rationalizing that his reaction must be caused by the adrenaline pouring through his system.
     The stranger opened Blair's canvas jacket, nuzzling his hot forehead against the soft cotton of his shirt, cleaning off the last of the blood still oozing from beneath the knitted cap. When his shirt had absorbed the sticky fluid, the long body leaned back and pulled the edges of his jacket back together.
     Each touch of that strong form against his increased the current arcing through his trembling body.
     Can't he feel that? Blair thought wildly.
     A heavy head nestled in between his neck and shoulder, as though the man's energy had been completely sapped. The weight and warmth caused Blair's heart to stop, then increase in speed as if it could make up the lost beats.
     "Follow my lead and maybe we'll get out of this alive."
In this steamy AU, grad student-and part time 'Rent Boy'-Blair Sandburg gets more than he bargained for in the alley one damp, dark night when a mysterious stranger crosses his path, bringing both danger and desire into Blair's world. Sandburg must decide whether to risk himself to help the endangered detective, a decision made more difficult by the inexplicable, yet undeniable attraction he feels towards this man he's just met. Emrys's alternate tale of Blair and Jim is filled with scintillating excitement and tender emotions. It's not to be missed.

• At the Pleasure of the President by Tiger Tyger
   (Established relationship, 68 pages)

     The diatribe was interrupted by two tall men walking in and positioning themselves by the doorway. Another man walked in, clad in shirt-sleeves, no suit jacket. "Leo, what the hell is going on? And why are we meeting in Ainsley's office? I thought she was home, visiting her parents."
     Jim recognized this man, though they had never met, and he lurched to his feet, swaying slightly. The Secret Service agents were on him like white on rice, but Ellison made no further motion. He just stood and waited, military training so engrained that he could not have sat in the presence of his president. Blair's muttered, "Holy shit!" told the Sentinel that he also knew who had just arrived and he stood up just as swiftly.
     Jed Bartlett was short, but he held himself in a way that said it didn't matter. His sharp blue eyes took in the two men and widened. "Why, may I ask, are the two men I invited to the White House in the basement, in the Assistant Counsel's office and not upstairs? And why does Detective Ellison look like he's been in a fight?"
President Jed Bartlett's daughter has been kidnapped, a turn of events that lands the Sentinel and his partner smack in the center of the West Wing. Though their unique talents and abilities are needed in the search for the missing girl, Ellison is reluctant to help, fearful of what will happen to him and Blair if their secret garners too much attention from the government and feds alike. This crossover story introduces the Cascade detectives to the characters inhabiting the world of The West Wing. Tiger Tyger balances both words with her usual clean, crisp style. Her intriguing, complex plot reflects the best elements of both shows, and the story is compelling throughout.

• Seasons Change by Glow
   (Established relationship, 43 pages)

     Blair rolled his eyes at himself, moving back to the chair and flopping into it. He landed wrong, causing the billfold in his back jeans pocket to poke him uncomfortably. Reaching one arm around, he snagged it and laid it on the desk. His finger slipped between the flaps of leather and he flicked it open to reveal the Cascade PD badge that lay inside.
     Even though he had taken it out to stare at it many time in the past week, it still struck him as surreal. It symbolized the wild curves the road of his life had taken in such a short time. More jarring, though, was the fact that that badge was his if he accepted it-which was still a prospect too daunting to entertain.
     He slammed the case shut, annoyed that he had once again distracted himself from his task. But maybe that was the problem. Maybe everything that had been happening to him since Naomi had swiped his dissertation was finally catching up to him.
     If only it were that simple.
     No, there was something else here. He didn't have to be able to identify it to be aware of its existence.
It is a week after the events of The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg and Blair is in his office at the university packing up his belongings. In actuality, he's having a great deal of difficulty packing. He finds himself searching for the cause, which leads Blair on journey of introspection and self-discovery as he contemplates his life, his future and his relationship with Jim. This emotionally charged story explores the history shared between Sentinel and Guide as they stand perched on the crossroads of an uncertain future. Gloria has done an outstanding job of using Blair's office as a focus to highlight their relationship and how it began. A must-read!

Synergy 3 Synergy 3
Full-color photo-cover by Agt Spooky
Interior artwork by Larrkin
189 Pages, J/B Slash

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• Separation Anxiety by Emrys

     "What do you want me to say that's going to make this any easier?" The hard expression didn't change and Blair suddenly knew what it was like to be a soldier who'd screwed up facing a Ranger Captain in pissed-off mode. His Sentinel was quietly enraged, definitely pushed to the edge of control, he snapped, "Don't start conversations that you don't want to have? You got that?"
     Guilt invaded every fiber of his being. Suddenly, he understood what he was looking for from his partner and there was no way Jim could give it to him, even if the big man wanted to. He was looking for absolution and not only did he not deserve it, he didn't really need it. They were both doing what they had to. It wasn't going to be easy. He just needed to face that fact and let Jim deal with it however he could, or their separation would be life long.
     His eyes locked with the hard blue gaze still studying him. Jim's expression softened a bit, the glare disappearing as he read the new understanding and acceptance of their situation in his Guide's eyes. When he spoke there was a hint of humor underlying the command. "Get on the damn plane, Sandburg."
When Blair is given an opportunity to study Aboriginal tribesmen in Australia, he is torn between the need to go in order to maintain his career as a Doctor of Anthropology at Rainier . . . and his trepidation at leaving his Sentinel's side for such an extended period of time. Jim, however, is insistent that Blair not turn down this opportunity, forcing them to confront the as yet unknown effects such a prolonged separation between Sentinel and Guide could have on them. This is a wonderful story by Emrys, dealing with the impact of the difficult separation and the discoveries both Jim and Blair make about themselves, their partnership, and each other during their time apart.

Huggy Award 2003 Winner

• Danger & Daffodils by Tiger Tyger
   2003 Huggy Award Winner - The Sentinel: Best Zine Story

     He wondered sometimes, as he sat there, watching Blair haggle 'points' and whatnot with the agent, if Blair knew how much he was loved and needed. Oh, not just for his skills, which were many and desperately needed, but for himself; for the love, affection and pure joy that he brought to everyone around him. He had managed to take one seriously fucked-up cop, who resisted or denied everything good around him, and turned him into a man. A real man. Not someone who had to hide, to suppress, to deny, but someone who longed to give and to show the love that was so deep inside of him.
     Blair understood.
     And for that, Jim would be his servant, his slave, his friend, his rock . . . whatever he needed.
     Because Blair loved him.
This story is a chapter in the 'Guns & Roses' universe (first introduced in Synergy 1). Angel and Paulie are settling in with their foster-parents, and Blair decides that it's time to find a bigger home. Along the way, Jim builds and develops his relationship with his brother, and finally takes down Angel's murderous father. This story is filled with the love, joy, drama, humor, intensity and heat that has come to define this universe. Tiger has done her usual incredible job creating a detailed, three-dimensional world that you become so drawn into you are reluctant to leave.

• Missing Pieces by Glow

      "But he's going to be all right?"
     "Yes, Detective, your father is going to be just fine."      Jim nodded, only a small trace of relief evident in the otherwise tightly held frame.
     "I can show you to his room now if you'd like."
     The doctor moved to stand but then sat down again at Jim's negative nod and mutter of, "No, that won't be necessary."
     "I'm sorry?" he asked in confusion.
     "I don't need to see him," Jim reiterated. "I already called my brother Stephen. He's flying out from where he was staying in California. He should be here in a few hours. In the meantime, if there's any change, you can reach me here." Jim dug into his pocket and pulled out a card with his name and number on it, then handed it to the befuddled doctor.
     "Jim, what-," Blair stammered, even more confused than the MD as Jim stood up and gestured for him to do the same.
     "Let's go, Sandburg."
This is an absorbing story that begins where the episode "Remembrance" left off. It becomes increasingly apparent to Blair that Jim's relationship with his father is more troubled than he originally thought. When Jim's emotional distress continues long after the Foster case is closed, Blair is determined to find out why. What he learns when he unlocks some of the secrets of Jim's past sends them both on a cathartic journey as they work to come to terms with the 'missing pieces' of Jim's life together. Gloria has written a compelling story of emotional trauma and healing that's not to be missed.

Synergy 2 Synergy 2
Artwork by Larrkin
130 Pages, J/B Slash
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• Backfire by Tiger Tyger
   (First Time, 30 pages)

     Jim Ellison was not a stupid man, contrary to popular opinion.
     He could be extraordinarily dense, though.
     So it wasn't until his partner had gone on his fifth date with Leslie Warrington, a lovely young ER resident at Cascade General, that the alarm bells started to jangle discordantly in his brain.
     If the repetitive dates weren't enough, and then the overnight stays that soon followed about a month later, then the sudden spate of "Leslie says" and "Leslie thinks" were sufficient to cause Jim's defensive mechanisms to start whirling at light-speed.
     Though it wasn't a new concern, Jim had the vague, alarming worry that one of these days, Blair was going to start a sentence with, "Leslie and I are thinking of..." Ellison's imagination was more than up to the task of filling in the blanks... "moving in together... getting married... having a baby..." Any of these would suffice to pull the satellite of Blair Sandburg away from the planet of Jim Ellison. He could hear the mourning tone of a bell sounding the death-knell of their partnership already.
What happens when a possessive Sentinel hatches a 'sure-fire' plot to hold on to his Guide? The title of this fiery HOT story by Tiger Tyger should give you a good indication. Detective Ellison gets way more than he bargained for when he devises a more 'hands-on' approach to keeping his partner by his side.

• Primal Submission by XFreak
   (Established Relationship, 8 pages)

     Some time later, the distinct sounds of male lovemaking woke him, his cock alert and searching for a playmate. Turning his head to the side, grabbing the cloth and dropping it onto the table beside him, he zeroed his sight in on his lover. Blair still sat at the desk in their shared office, filling out paper work as a set of headphones rested on his shoulders, the volume only loud enough for Jim to hear.
     The grunts and groans traveling the distance between them incited the heavy hardness fbetween his legs to ache, his hearing now tuned to them like a favorite radio station. Breathing growing heavy, his eyes narrowed as the younger man played innocent, pretending to be oblivious to the effects the sounds had on his lover's body.
Teasing Blair... hungry, horny Jim... and a wild playtime romp which commences when Blair dares to entice the 'Panther' out of its hiding place. Another great story by X-Freak.

• Strong Enough by Glow
   (Established Relationship, 91 Pages)

     "It just feels like we should talk," Jim said awkwardly, shifting his weight from one leg to the other then back again. "Nothing's been settled."
     "What exactly can we 'settle' here? It happened. Can't be undone. You're sorry, I'm hurt, and now we just deal with it. It'll be fine."      "Will it?"
     Jim's voice was so soft Blair almost didn't hear him. It was only two words, making it hard to tell for sure, but Blair couldn't deny the tone sounded tremulous, frightened even.      A very strong part of Blair wanted to go and wrap his arms around this man that he loved, and ease the depth of hurt that he could see was eating him alive. For some reason, though, he wasn't able to move forward. All he could do was stand there, his own pain still too raw to allow him to make the gesture. "It'll be fine, Jim," he uttered, needing to say something. He knew how hard it was for Jim to even ask that question, and he couldn't just leave it lying there unanswered. "We've been here before. We'll manage."
     "It wasn't the same before. I mean yes, it was bad then, too. It's just... I just feel it's a lot worse now."      Blair had no response to that. It was worse. It was awful. He had no idea himself just how he'd make this 'fine'.
The pheromone issue rears again for the Sentinel in a way that could destroy all that he holds dear. Follow along the gut-wrenching path as the lovers struggle tenaciously to stay together when everything seems stacked to tear them apart. In a society geared towards the 'disposable' - if it breaks down, just replace it - can Jim and Blair hold on when confronted with a situation that holds no easy fixes? This is a classic drama of individual reflection and joint effort written with so much drama and emotional content, you'll be glued to your seat.

Synergy 1Synergy 1
Cover Artwork by Agt Spooky
175 Pages, J/B Slash
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• Sandburg We're Not In Shangri-La Anymore by Emrys
   (Established relationship, 43 pages)

     "Um, we're with Altitude Airlines. I'm Jack Duncan and this is Janet Birch." At Blair's questioning look, the man continued, "Ah, our company runs small charter service flights over most of the Americas, Europe and Asia." The man nervously cleared his throat and exchanged another telling glance with his companion. "We're sorry to inform you that one of our flights went down yesterday somewhere between Nepal and Tibet."
     They spoke together as Blair's mind went blank. The man was still talking but Blair didn't hear anything after Nepal. Jim's arm came around him and pulled him back against the hard chest. He stood woodenly in Jim's embrace, trying to decipher the sounds emerging from the moving lips.
     "My mom was in Nepal for a retreat," he said quietly and felt his lover's arm tighten around his chest.
Travel along with Jim and Blair as they journey to the far reaches of Nepal in search of Naomi. Along the way, they uncover answers that will affect both their personal lives and their Sentinel/Guide bond. A lovely story of love and overcoming obstacles.

• Things That Go Hump In The Night by Glow
   (Established relationship, 5 pages)

     Once again I sighed, sure that I was going to die in this bed of sexual frustration. I began to flash on the headlines of tomorrow's Cascade Post:
     One Of Cascade's Finest Found Dead Beneath Enormous Unsated Erection.
     I once again began to wrestle with my conscience, rifling through my mind for something - anything - that would relieve this torture. I've come to learn, however, that the size of my penis greatly affects my ability to think clearly. I was in trouble here.
What happens when Jim wakes up in the middle of the night with a raging hard-on that just won't be put off? Better yet, what happens to his innocent partner asleep beside him? One of Gloria's hottest. Love, lust and sex in the wee small hours of the morning. Join the fun.

• It's Not All Guns And Roses by Tiger Tyger
   (Established relationship, 128 pages)

     The Sentinel was already moving, breaking into a run, before his mind could even take in what was happening.
     A woman's torso hung out of the top-floor window, her long hair even now beginning to smoke from the flames that were moving ever closer. It was her apartment that seemed to be taking the brunt of the devastating blaze and orange-red flames licked from all the other windows. She was obviously trapped; there was no way to get to the fire escape even if the corroded metal could be trusted to hold her weight.
     It was the very calmness of her actions at that moment that caught Jim's attention and locked his eyes onto the bundle she held in her arms. A girl, her mouth opened in an unending howl of terror, gasping for breath in the hot, smoky air that billowed around her. In that very moment, the Sentinel could see the resolution in her mother's face - that the agony inherent in that flame would not touch her child...
     ...and then the little girl was falling to the hard, unforgiving surface of the concrete sidewalk beneath.
This novella length story is Tiger Tyger at her best. What happens when Sentinel and Guide form the ultimate bond and begin their lives together as partners in every sense of the word? Not an ordinary hum-drum existence, you can be sure. When fate - and a terrible fire - expand the Ellison/Sandburg household in ways they never dreamed possible, Jim and Blair deal head-on with issues of love, loyalty, friendship and family. Share their journey; get drawn in to their every day travails of work and family life; grow breathless from the loving demonstrations of their endless passion; revel in their unshakable bond of love. This is a story you will become so drawn into, you won't want it to end.

Debuted at MediaWest Convention, May 2004

Classic Tiger Tyger 2 The Classic Tiger Tyger 2:
Collected Sentinel "/" Stories
Volume Two: 1998

Photo Cover by Gryphon
213 pages, J/B slash

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The Classic Tiger Tyger, Volume Two contains some of this award-winning author's earlier Sentinel Slash fiction, fiction that has never been net published and is presently difficult to acquire. If you're one of the frustrated fans who has been searching for some of Tiger's older fiction and you haven't been able to get your hands on the out-of-production zines in which the stories first appeared, this may be the zine for you!

• Fire and Flame (originally published in Primal Instincts 3)
• Takedown (originally published in Primal Instincts 3)
• In Envy of Paradise (originally published in Indigo Boys 5)
• Journey Into Darkness (originally published in Love & Guns 8)

Debuted at ZebraCon, October 2003

Classic Tiger Tyger The Classic Tiger Tyger:
Collected Sentinel "/" Stories
Volume One: 1997

Photo Cover by Gryphon
195 pages, J/B slash

Click here for ordering information

The Classic Tiger Tyger, Volume One contains some of this award-winning author's earliest Sentinel Slash fiction, fiction that has never been net published and is presently difficult to acquire. If you're one of the frustrated fans who has been searching for some of Tiger's older fiction and you haven't been able to get your hands on the out-of-production zines in which the stories first appeared, this may be the zine for you!

• Obsession  (originally published in Indigo Boys 4)
• Last Request  (originally published in Primal Instincts 1)
• Walking the Wire  (originally published in Primal Instincts 1)
• When Angels Weep  (originally published in Primal Instincts 2)

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