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The Professionals slash zines

Debuted at EclectiCon, November 2003

Daydreams of a Captive SoulDaydreams of a Captive Soul
By Tiger Tyger
Photo Cover by Gryphon
198 pages, B/C slash

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     "Sit down, Bodie," the Cow muttered and so 3.7 relaxed into one of the chairs to the side of the mahogany desk and accepted the large scotch the other man handed him without demur. Scotch at nine in the morning. His heart was pounding a merry dance step in his chest and only through ruthless control did he manage to keep his face calm and disinterested. The Queen...the HS...the Cow...and they wanted him for something. Something...inconvenient....
     "The secretary has dropped a bomb in my lap, Bodie," Cowley began smoothly enough. "Three high-level ministers have either resigned or committed suicide in the same number of months. And one of the Queen's personal guard took her own life rather than betray her trust and give away Her Majesty's travel schedule."
     Bodie's head came round with an almost audible snap. "Blackmail? Sir?" he added, almost as an afterthought, the idea of anyone being able to harm the Queen raising his blood pressure alarmingly. No one harmed his Queen.
     "Aye. Apparently sexual misconduct was the underlying theme with them all...these men and women were found in homosexual liaisons. Color photographs, professionally done."
     "And our job is to find this David Bailey of the posh set and convince him photography is an evil habit, sir?" Bode asked, feeling the short hair at the nape of his neck stir in unconscious alarm at the controller's next words.
     "M.I.6 has already tried that, 3.7. They fluffed it abysmally, and the suspect, Marcus Brent, has been alerted." Cowley paused and sipped his scotch absently. "Actually, a rather convoluted lie is being woven as we speak, concerning my own...sexual dalliances."
     Bodie blinked. That one took him completely off guard. Cowley has played tethered goat before, but this...this was different. The idea of Cowley having sex at all floored him for over a minute. He sipped the whiskey, a number of things banging around in his overexcited brainpan. And the conclusion he came to each time was inescapable, taking in the precious ten minutes with the HS. "And Iím to be your lover, sir?" he asked, quite coolly he thought.
Prepare yourself for the machinations of triple-think as you explore this novel-length story centering on Bodie and his tragically complicated life. Besides the turmoil of pretending to be George Cowley's lover in a situation where pretense won't do, Bodie actually finds himself falling in love with his boss. More difficult still, Bodie must continue to deal with a curious and questioning Ray Doyle, protect his birth family from powerful enemies...all while keeping his true identity safe from the powers that be and maintaining his own sanity. All in a day's work for CI.5's tall, dark, and oh so handsome agent.

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