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Ordering Information

Light and Shadow Press appreciates the support of all the fans who have bought our zines over the years. We look forward to continuing to produce quality slash zines for years to come, and hope you will want to continue reading them. Unfortunately, we are a small operation with limited time and resources to devote to our fannish pursuits. Therefore, we have decided to concentrate our energy on producing stories and fan zines and allow Agent With Style to take over the majority of the distribution of our zines. Agent With Style has the ability to print on demand for lower costs. They also attend many conventions and are therefore able to bring out product to a larger audience.

Light and Shadow will continue to sell our zines at the conventions we attend. We will also continue to fulfill orders for our new products.

If you were directed to this page of our website, it is because the fanzine you are interested in ordering is not one that Light and Shadow still distributes ourselves. But simply click the link button below, and you will be directed to the Agent With Style website where you can order this title.

Click here to go to the Agent With Style website

Agent With Style carries many fanzines, and therefore not all titles are always listed on the various fandom pages on the site. If you do not see the Light and Shadow title you are looking for, simply send an email to and she will promptly provide you with all the ordering information.

If you have any problems at all with this ordering process, you can always contact Light and Shadow directly at

Thank you and happy reading!

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