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Updated 07 May 2012

Light & Shadow Press is proud to be debuting the following slash fanzines at MediaWest Con in May 2012:

  • Hawaii Five-Ohhh! - A H5O Steve-o/Danno slash anthology with full color cover by Lorraine B. and stories by Glow, Kath Moonshine, and Tiger Tyger

  • Love Noir Deux - Our 2nd Donald Strachey Mysteries slash anthology, with cover art by Lorraine B, containing loving and sensual stories by Candy Apple and the hottest writers in the fandom

  • Terra Firma - The latest Tiger Tyger novel in the continuing The Fields of Evermore Star Trek: The Original Series, featuring a stunning K/S color cover by Lorraine B.

  • Adickted by Tiger Tyger - A short, but hot Supernatural 'Wincest' novella (for those who like that sort of thing!)

  • Debuted May 2011

    Love NoirLove Noir:
    A Donald Strachey Mysteries
    Slash Zine
    Published by Light & Shadow Press
    183 pages
    Donald Strachey/Timothy Callahan slash
    All original stories not previously published on the Internet
    Cover Art Work by Lorraine Brevig
    Interior Art by Jean Kluge
    Click here for ordering information


    You’ll Never Know by Candy Apple: In this AU novella, homicide detective Donald Strachey investigates the grisly case of a murdered priest. His key witness? The handsome and unattainable Father Timothy Callahan...or, is he really unattainable?

    Missing Piece by Storyfan: Don must beat the clock and solve a puzzle to save Tim’s life. Desperate, he turns to Tim’s father for help. Can they unravel the answers in time?

    A Body to Die For by Candy Apple: While Don works a baffling missing persons case, Tim does a bit of amateur modeling that attracts the unwanted attention of an unbalanced stalker.

    Best When Used By by Nyteflyer: The “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy has been repealed. Don and Tim mark the occasion and confront the ghosts of Don’s past in an emotional, intensely personal way.

    Debuted May 2010

    Dangerous TerritoryDangerous Territory:
    A Fields of Evermore Slash Novel [Volume Two]
    by Tiger Tyger
    56,262 words
    Cover by Lorraine
    Click here for ordering information

    How could it be possible for Kirk, Spock, and McCoy to find any trouble during their Earth-based assignments? After all, Jim is only a lowly admiral working under the irascible leadership of Steven Stearns in Fleet Operations; Spock acts as a new teacher for Science and Technology at Star Fleet Academy; and Bones is a new administrator at Medical Operations. More importantly, the three men are working their way around new relationships, adapting to different professional positions, new demands . . . as well as spiritual visitations, aggressive colleagues, jealousy, academic politics, and sudden violence. Come along and watch the next stage in the development of the legends of Star Trek: The Original Series!


    The man’s sharp green eyes looked him over, but there was no sense of friendship there. Kirk was struck silent and fell nearly senseless into his own chair, legs numb, his tongue stuck to the roof of his mouth, unable to speak. There was that same sense of obdurate power he had felt at the Stearns’ home, and he shivered, apprehensive.

    “Do not fear, Admiral Kirk. I and my kind mean you no harm. We act only as messengers,” Nolan’s voice told him in stiff, formal Standard. It continued in a prophetic tone, “The threat comes. Your future arrives. Danger will rise up around you and obliterate all peace in this galaxy. Your world will be buffeted and torn after Star Fleet is destroyed, the Federation dismembered, if you do not stand fast. Remember who you are.”

    He struggled to resist the pressure against him, making it impossible to move or call out for help. “I know you,” he managed to say between clenched teeth, sweat popping out on his forehead as he fought, his body straining against the invisible bonds that held it. “I’ve felt this—“

    “Indeed. Our peoples have met previously, but I was not in this physical body.” The green eyes held an oddly translucent shimmer, as if the being itself were too bright to look on. “You must prepare,” it told him solemnly. “We will be powerless in the conflagration to come.”

    “How?” he blurted, but between one blink of his eyelashes and the next, the being who had masqueraded as both Mrs. Stearns and Nolan was gone.

    That wasn’t any damned ghost, he told himself as he worked to get his alarm under control and make his hands stop shaking.

    Also, please click here to visit our other press, MoonGlow Zines, to find some exciting new fic starring Orlando Bloom!

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