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Multimedia slash zines

Please note:

All copies of Bound and Determined are completely sold out, and this zine is now out of print. Thank you to all the fans who purchased copies of this zine. Please check out our other wonderful fanzines!

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Bound and DeterminedBound and Determined
2003 Huggy Award Winner -
Mixed Media: Best Zine

2002 SIZZLER Award Winner -
Best Zine, Muti-Media

A Multi-Media Kink/Fantasy Slash Anthology
Cover by Whipping Boy

Huggy Award 2003 WinnerSizzler Award 2002 Winner

Six authors, five fandoms, and six very hot situations intersect in Bound and Determined, a slash anthology from Light & Shadow Press. This is an adult slash zine that contains fantasy and/or kinky stories. Each story explores the limits of loving expression while including a kink such as bondage & discipline, shaving, leather fetish, or spanking. All stories are clearly labeled on the table of contents so that the reader may quickly locate her favorite fetish!

Sizzler Award 2002 Winner
• A Bottle of Beer, a Can of Shaving Cream, and Thee by Kath Moonshine
   2002 SIZZLER Award Winner - Best Short Story, Starsky & Hutch
   Starsky & Hutch
   (Established Relationship, 10 pages, Shaving)

Hutch is more than a little melancholy at the thought of turning forty. So what can Starsky do to distract his partner on a hot summer night?

     "I think a little TLC is in order-don't you?" The waggling eyebrows belied the seductive tone, but Hutch played along.
     "What did you have in mind?"
     "How about a shave?" "You, shave me?" Hutch asked incredulously.
     "You trust me with your life-why not your razor?"
     Indeed, why not? Hutch's long hand rose in a gesture of 'be my guest' and Starsky reached for the can of Bristol Cream sitting on the lip of the tub.
What follows is Moonshine's take on a delightfully private moment between two long-time lovers ready to add something new to their sexual repertoire.

• A New Force to be Reckoned With by Larrkin
   STAR WARS, Original Trilogy
   (First Time, 38 pages, Spanking)

A scoundrel's work is never done! Or so Han Solo thinks as he finds himself in the position of rescuing Luke Skywalker from a fate worse than death at the hands of the local slaver.

      With a reassuring nod to Dorian, Han followed the plodding guards through a narrow corridor and down several flights of stairs. Damn it was damp and chilly down here. What had Luke been wearing when he'd left the base? Nothing warm enough for these conditions, especially if he'd been lying drugged and immobile.
     Han reined in his fears. Luke would be okay. He'd be groggy and depleted, but okay. His Luke had survived worse.
     The guards stopped at a heavy door. Han's heart pounded. They de-activated the remote lock and pushed the door open, gesturing into the small cell. Stepping away, the guards started talking, clearly taking no interest in Han or the prisoner. Han thanked the stars for simple minds and turned, squinting into the murky dimness. . . .
Fed up with fool-hearty hero tactics, Han determines that if he manages to save Luke's ass it's time the kid was taught a lesson. Larrkin's loving story shows that sometimes you really do hurt the one you love . . . just a little!

• Those Damned Leather Gloves by Emrys
   Stargate SG-1
   (Established Relationship, 12 pages, Leather)

Jack has laid down the ground rules in his love relationship with Daniel: no sex when they're off-world on a mission. Imagine Daniel's surprise one night when-

     Abruptly, I was awoken by a hand covering my mouth, another pinning my shoulder to the bedding. Panicking, I started to struggle against the hold, simply afraid for myself, but terrified for my lover. Jack had been on watch and if someone had gotten this far, they would have had to have taken him out first.
     But when I drew in breath to shout, the scent of Jack filled my nose, easing some of my fear. If O'Neill was here, then the situation was still manageable. As my eyes met his in the moonlight, I could see him motioning me to silence. I relaxed slightly when I realized he wasn't as tense as he would be if danger were near... .
     Once I'd calmed down, I could see the expression on the colonel's face as it changed in the moon's gentle glow. That wicked grin, the one that started the blood pounding through my veins, emerged across his features. He still hadn't lifted his palm from my mouth and the soft leather caressed my skin with every breath I took.
Emrys leads the reader on a hot, sexy romp that Daniel is hard-pressed to suffer silently!

• Spare the Rod by Writestuff
   STAR WARS, The Phantom Menace
   (Established Relationship, 16 pages, B&D)

Padawans will be padawans, or so the saying goes-but what's a Jedi master to do when his handsome student recklessly endangers himself without a hint of remorse?

     "On your knees, Padawan," he growled at me when we were finally inside and behind closed doors, no doubt intending to lecture me. It wasn't something he often did, preferring to dole out pithy words of advice and then let me discover the folly of my own ways so the lesson would be more memorable. I could tell he was wound up for it this time, and I was in no mood to take it.
     Just as furious as he, I snarled back, "Make me," or something similar in the rude defiant tone well known to every teenager.
     Next I knew, I was splayed face down across our dining table, secured to the surface with the Force.
Spare the Rod is yet another fine Writestuff read set in the Warrior's Heart universe.

• In Command by Tiger Tyger
   Stargate SG-1
   (Established Relationship, 25 pages, B&D)

Colonel Jack O'Neill is faced with a tough situation-there's a member of his team that has a little problem with authority. Too bad the guy also happens to be his lover.

     "What's the matter, Jack? The fact that I don't obey your every little command bother you? That you can't control me?"
     O'Neill smiled and moved closer, until his lips were inches away from Daniel's. "I control you in all the ways that matter, Danny-boy."
Ever wonder how you'd mix love and discipline? Tiger Tyger's smoking hot tale will take you by the throat and show you!

• Three for All by Glow
   The Sentinel
   (Established Relationship, 52 pages, Spanking and B&D)

If seconds are good, thirds must be better, right? Right! Fasten your seat belts and hold on for the ride as Jim and Simon help Blair end a very special day with a very special night.

     Tonight Blair's mouth was hot, hungry. His Guide was moaning sounds of need deep into his throat. They were sounds Jim's body seemed programmed to respond to, every part of him infusing with blood, his skin tingling in heated anticipation. His own mouth fed greedily, wanting every taste he could siphon from his mate... .
      Blair guided him through the living room then turned at the large archway, heading them off down the hall towards Simon's bedroom. Of their own accord, Ellison's fingers tightened in Sandburg's hands. He wasn't sure what had caused the reaction and he was ready to ignore it, but his partner was way too perceptive. He stopped walking immediately, his eyes softening, gazing up at Jim as though the moon and the stars shone there.
     "We don't have to go any further," he stated without reproach, his entire demeanor convincing Jim that while he would be disappointed, it truly would be okay to stop here.
     "I don't want to stop."
Glow has crafted an evocatively told and wonderfully balanced tale of consensual 'extracurricular' activity between three of fandom's hottest guys.

Please e-mail for further information.

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